Imagine is a small photomanipulating program written in Java, launchable via Web Start. Originally, it was an AJAX application, but its needs quickly outgrew its AJAX cast. On this page, you will find information about Imagine, as well as links and downloads.


  • system clipboard access
  • image layer blending
  • layer tree rendering
  • history manager
  • filters, effects, and other operations
  • scaling, rotating, shearing, and flipping
  • pointing tool for dragging layers
  • selection tool for clipping operations
  • cropping tool for layers and groups
  • canvas resizing tool
  • read-support for many image formats, write-support for layered PNG
  • error reporting mechanism


  • write other image formats
  • URL file access
  • better history manager
  • alpha selection and magic wand selection
  • more filters, effects, and other operations
  • color choosers
  • scalable view
  • SVG, layer masks, and type layers
  • gradients
  • brushes
  • non-affine transformations
  • Rhino Javascript interpreter for extensibility

Try it now!

Java Imagine (J2SE 1.6)
Launch using Web Start
Run locally (.zip)
View forum topic

Java Imagine screenshot

Historic AJAX Imagine (Firefox 1.5+, Safari 3+, Internet Explorer 7+)
Open in Web browser

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