A Data Plan is Required?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

I wiped my Galaxy Nexus last night and reinstalled ClockworkMod+CyanogenMod. This morning, I woke up to a SMS from at&t:

AT&T Free Msg: Did you know a data plan is required for your Smartphone? We have added an appropriate data plan. Learn more at www.att.com/dataplans.

This is funny, because I had no idea that a data plan was required for my phone. Thanks, at&t, for preemptively adding services that I don’t need. They do this once in a while, and it’s getting ridiculous.

I was able to have a customer service representative remove the data plan.


  1. Bob Marely says:

    Sorry to rain on your parade, but data plans have been required with smart-phones for a while now,

    1. Jiang Yio says:

      I’m not too concerned about your acceptance of the data plan situation and questionable use of the idiom “rain on your parade,” but why are you sorry?

  2. Todd Allen says:

    Get the free data plan from FreedomPop (if you are in Clear’s 4g coverage area) and dump AT&T. Use the free data for voip calling and you don’t need a voice plan. The Groove IP android app makes it fairly easy to use free Google Voice as the voip service.

    1. Jiang Yio says:

      Thanks for the recommendations. Groove IP (Lite) is an excellent app — it makes my old G1 a SIM-less VoIP client. I’ve been watching FreedomPop for a while; unfortunately, I don’t live in its coverage area.