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My table at the Flushing Library was missing a chair, and a rather disgruntled-looking lady was looking for somewhere to sit. When she saw that the next table had an extra seat, she decided to confront its occupant.

Angry Lady: That’s my seat.
Occupant [disengaging earbuds]: What?
Angry Lady: You took that chair from my table.
Occupant: I don’t understand. You’re saying that my seat belongs somewhere else?
Angry Lady [pointing at her table]: It’s obvious! Now put it back, please.
Occupant: Oh… if it would make you feel better, I could move over.
Angry Lady:
Occupant: I don’t really mind where I’m sitting, but I don’t know why you’re upset about it.
Angry Lady:

Fortunately, a library employee brought another chair, and everyone was satisfied.