BotBrew “anise”

Monday, April 9, 2012

I am delighted to announce the immediate availability of BotBrew on Google Play. This first release brings cross-compiled command line software to Android, along with a package manager based on opkg and a service manager based on runit. Some highlights include:

  • an almost-complete busybox with 327 applets
    have more of your favorite commands without the bloat
  • python and ruby
    script on-the-go, or run django- and rails-powered servers
  • subversion and git
    access source code using two popular version control systems
  • tcpdump and nmap
    analyze network traffic and query remote hosts
  • lynx and w3m
    go retro with lightweight text-based Web browsers

BotBrew could be used with any terminal app that provides a local shell, but Hacker’s Keyboard and Script Manager might be helpful, too. Spread the word if you like BotBrew! If you have trouble with BotBrew or have bugs to report, feel free to email us at or chat with us at #botbrew on And we’d love to hear from you if you want to distribute your own software using BotBrew.


  1. b says:

    Could you, please, tell what system utilities do i need to install it on my rk29 tablet? when i start first download it says there is no cp command, so i remounted system partition rw and there were busybox so i had to make cp link, and then remount back to ro, but then it says can’t find tr command… and then it gives different warnings but installs successfully…but i am warried.

    1. b says:

      Made cp, tr symlincs to busybox. Remounted /system rw. Everything installs. Compiled san-andreas demo from ndk with gcc and aide, works very slowly. Thank you.