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For months, I’ve been using a Kubuntu 11.04 pre-release on my Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t, a convertible tablet netbook. In general, the Plasma Netbook interface is reasonably touch-friendly with large buttons that I could easily access with my fingers. It tries to save space by hiding the global application menu behind a button, but I would have liked easier access to the menu. Application support for touch input is rather spotty, as expected, but some software come with plugins to make the touch experience a bit more compelling. For example, Firefox has the Grab and Drag extension and Chromium has chromeTouch. The virtual keyboard (kvkbd) is somewhat awkward, however, so I usually have the keyboard out.

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A minor mishap with my current host recently forced me to restore from my incomplete backups. Thankfully, not much was lost, and what remaining [textual] data was scraped off the Google and Bing caches. As far as images go, we’ll have to see what the Internet Archive Wayback Machine could do for us. At any rate, I’m not blaming the host, because these things do happen from time to time and I should have paid more attention to redundancy.

During the downtime, EveryDNS/DynDNS kept the DNS service going and Freenode chugged along as usual. The wiki was completely wiped, but I managed to scrape most of the text from caches everywhere; it will be returning shortly, and I’ll probably need some help moving the cached content to their rightful place.

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For various reasons, not everyone is content with using (or able to use) iTunes to manage his/her iMobileDevices. As a Linux user, I quickly realized that I might be spending much time getting my shiny new iPad working instead of actually using the thing. After days of research and tinkering, I believe I have a reasonably cooperative iMobileDevice… for now, at least. I am quite happy with my iPad as it is, but I’m still looking forward to the arrival of iDroid ;)

If you don’t have an iDevice yet, I’d urge you to consider getting an Android device instead. Apple makes perfectly capable (and absolutely beautiful) PDA’s and tablets, but insists that they be tethered to the desktop iTunes software. Thus, even if you are able to use iTunes, you cannot achieve total independence with hardware marketed as mobile devices. There are short-term workarounds, but Apple is always looking for ways to limit the functionality of their products. You have been warned.

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