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Monday, November 8, 2010

Since it’s early in the morning, I’m going to make this short and let the pictures do the talking. Having collected almost 700000 Omegle logs, I decided to run through them all and see if there might be any patterns to be noticed. The following is a general view of some specific topics discussed on Omegle, in bulk. I chose these keywords because “ASL” is, by far, the most popular theme.

Topics of Discussion on Omegle

What did we learn today? Well, although females are in general more interesting than males, people prefer talking about men (specifically) to talking about women. The sexual orientation chart may not tell us exactly what we think it tells us, because lesbians may be considered gay in some cases. The countries chart shows the top twenty countries mentioned on Omegle, with India in the lead, and California and New York are two of the most popular states in the United States.

At any rate, this is just for fun, so don’t lose any sleep over it. If you’d like to read some of the conversations yourself, just hit up the repository. You can also have freshly-tagged conversations delivered to your feed reader or mobile device by subscribing to the Atom feed. Remember, this is the raw and unfiltered stuff; viewer discretion is advised.


  1. Gene says:

    I can’t find an email address for you so I’ll just leave a comment here and hope you see it. I’m interested in finding out if there is an X Server with X forwarding for Android. Could you send me an email if you know of one?

  2. Jiang says:

    There isn’t… at least without some major hacking (at which point you probably wouldn’t have Android anymore). There are VNC clients, however, and you can run a VNC server on a rooted device.

  3. Gene says:

    I’m in a vertical market situation where it would really pay off to be able to use any Android device as an X terminal, especially when Android becomes a tablet OS.