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<iConfused> o/
<Rostislava> …
<GameOver> =^_^=
<iConfused> o/
<iConfused>  |
<Rostislava> I hate chemistry.
<iConfused> Rostislava: dammit’
<Rostislava> Ooops, iConfused XD
<iConfused>  o/
<noms> c-c-c-combo breaker
<iConfused> I GIVE UP
<noms> GOOD.
<Rostislava> xD

A couple of nights ago, I chanced upon a particularly interesting image. The character appears to be from the Japanese TV anime series Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!, though for some reason she’s in a box labeled #inportb. So… not to be outdone, I kicked it up a notch.

Erm... yeah.

Free email providers of old appended advertisements to messages to subsidize their service. Thanks to Google’s email service, these footer ads had largely disappeared. More recently, however, there has been a resurgence of such useless footer messages corresponding to usage of mobile devices. It used to be just Apple fans letting the world know that their messages were sent using their iPod Touches or iPads or Macbook Wheels. Now we have more elaborate footers on not only emails but forum posts as well, “Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk” or even “Sent from my HTC Touch Pro2 on the Now Network from Sprint.”

Signatures were once used to express something personal about the sender or convey a useful notice. Today, abuse seems to be the norm. It’s just an observation. If you actually like these messages, just go right on sending them…