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<xOni> noms: Wanna play MW2 later?
<xOni> I’m hooking up my xbox
<Little_Death> my xbox back
<WeJustLost87SEK> ?
<xOni> Little_Death: Seriously?! Lets play Xbox then!
<Little_Death> Im play Xbox on the very literal way!
<xOni> …

* bradders gives Hibia a cookie
<Little_Death> you dont want a cookie with cyanide in it

* Gabriela has joined #inportb
<TheSteiner> Gabriela!
<Gabriela> TheSteiner!
<Annabear> Hi Gabriela
<Gabriela> Annabear!
* Annabear is eating life
<noms> Gabriela!
* Gabriela has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
<noms> My bad.

<Annaking> this shit sucks more cocks than iconfused
<Annaking> f
<Annaking> r
<Annaking> fv
<Annaking> ev
<Annaking> et
<Annaking> bhw
<Annaking> et
<Annaking> ewv
<Annaking> w
* GameOver has kicked Annaking from #inportb (chill with the flood(1.77)!)
<iConfused> !rejoin Annaking
* Annaking has joined #inportb
<iConfused> I hate you.
<iConfused> !abort Annaking
* Annaking has left #inportb
<daz|nazi> Rofl.
<noms> lmfao

<katie> HI AGAIN
<bradleigh> katie, dont do it.
* GameOver has kicked katie from the room (chill with the caps!)
<bradleigh> lol.
* GameOver has kicked Shaded from the room (chill with the caps!)

<Cepheus> This new “InPrivate” browsing mode in Internet Explorer is shit. Everyone in the internet café can still see me wanking.

This morning I woke up to an inbox full of suggestions to “like” a certain page on Facebook. Curious, I decided to have a look. It turned out to be a service promising to show you who views your profile (which, of course, is absolutely absurd), and all you had to do was press ctrl+c, alt+d, ctrl+v, and enter. Apparently, a lot of people did this and found themselves wondering how their browsers got hijacked.

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<Little_Death> Its hard to believe Everyone gets an uterus implanted, inseminated and gets out his guns.

<Little_Death> I found more boobs on the road while fighting some motherfuckers, and post links to a gay friend whos japanese, and he doesn’t seem like a great anime.

* `LukeSkywalker` has joined #inportb
<`LukeSkywalker`> hi
<Gorge> haha
<`LukeSkywalker`> are u frm the cia
<Gorge> epic name is epic
<Rostislava> LOL.
<Gorge> xDDD
* noms is now known as DarthNoms
<Rostislava> `LukeSkywalker’…lololol
<DarthNoms> Luke… I am your father.
<Gorge> xD
<Gorge> hahaha.
<Gorge> DarthNoms++
<Trixie> DarthNoms++