it’s never his intention

Saturday, April 24, 2010

<Moon_Doggy> @hangman
<Little_Death> Moon_Doggy has started a hangman — join the fun!
<Little_Death> __________ (^o^)/
<noms> e
<Little_Death> noms: __________  (^_^)  E
<noms> i
<Little_Death> noms: __________  (o_~)  E I
<noms> a
<Little_Death> noms: __________  (-_-)  E I A
<noms> o
<GameOver> Little_Death: chill with the flood!
<Little_Death> noms: __o_o__o__  (-_-)  E I A
* GameOver has kicked Little_Death from #inportb (chill with the flood(1.96)!)
* Little_Death has joined #inportb
<Little_Death> GameOver: you hurt my feelings
<GameOver> Little_Death: That was not my intention.

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  1. yourmghq says:

    Shoot this was pretty epic