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* SudoJones gives HollandGirl a kiss
<SudoJones> D:
* Little_Death takes SudoJones’s kiss
<Pinako> damn straight, Little_Death
<sunny_mousey> Little_Death is a thief!
<Little_Death> Little_Death is not
<Gamefreak300> Little_Death: Epic
<Haunter> LOL

<noms> Gabriela, I don’t know.
<noms> Gabriela, let’s ask Little_Death.
<noms> Little_Death, is Gabriela the manliest girl in the channel?
<Little_Death> Gabriela is indeed the manliest girl in the channel. Oh hi.
<Little_Death> Now is the manliest GIRL IN my pants?
<Gabriela> xD
<noms> :O
<Cepheus> lol.
<xOni> LOL
<yourmghq> lol
<Annabear> lol

<MrMoon> Lotte: I’ve heard there was a new law in Sweden that forbids 18+ from having sexual relations with people below the age of 18
<Cepheus> MrMoon: in other news, pedobear ragequits Sweden

<mcawesome> I don’t like stealing
<mcawesome> I want to ride a hamster
<mcawesome> all the way
<mcawesome> to barcelona
<Adryn> O:
<shepherd> uhh
<Pinako> wut
<shepherd> mcawesome: It’s ok.. it’s ok no need to go that far

<Moon_Doggy> @hangman
<Little_Death> Moon_Doggy has started a hangman — join the fun!
<Little_Death> __________ (^o^)/
<noms> e
<Little_Death> noms: __________  (^_^)  E
<noms> i
<Little_Death> noms: __________  (o_~)  E I
<noms> a
<Little_Death> noms: __________  (-_-)  E I A
<noms> o
<GameOver> Little_Death: chill with the flood!
<Little_Death> noms: __o_o__o__  (-_-)  E I A
* GameOver has kicked Little_Death from #inportb (chill with the flood(1.96)!)
* Little_Death has joined #inportb
<Little_Death> GameOver: you hurt my feelings
<GameOver> Little_Death: That was not my intention.

<Little_Death> It’s psychic condition, But that’s decent in my silver hot pants
<siski> xD
<shepherd> XD
<siski> silver hot pants
<siski> lol
<Little_Death> !herald add siski in my silver hot pants
<GameOver> Little_Death: The operation succeeded.
<Little_Death> lol, welcome
<Little_Death> The operation succeeded.
<shepherd> LOL
<siski> WTF

<sunny_mousey> you are on your way to alcohol poisoning town.
<SudoJones> do hety have laoiqikcer store ther

<sunny_mousey> i used /part then /join
<shepherd> Then I /parted the IRsea..

<shepherd> Ò_Ó
<shepherd> GameOver: nothing to say to that eh
<GameOver> shepherd: Are you Canadian? Really nothing?
<Haunter|Phone> <3  GameOver

<shepherd> sunny_mousey: Joke of the day –  Yo’ Momma is so fat, that when she was cremated all flights in Europe got cancelled.
<sunny_mousey> i loled