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I recently bought a small virtual server (OpenVZ, 128mb memory, 256mb burstable) for web hosting. I knew that it would be a challenge to work with limited memory, especially since OpenVZ doesn’t swap like Xen. For starters, I went with a 32-bit minimal Debian setup, because 64-bit pointers use twice as much memory as 32-bit pointers. Apache was also out of the picture, but Lighttpd easily filled the role. MySQL was also heavily tweaked to limit resource usage. All in all, I had a happy little system that used 60mb-100mb of memory.

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It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but I think it’s time for another cleanup! Recently, I almost wiped the wrong database when switching between blog and bleeding-edge code. Yes, I know I was silly, and I believe the time has come to separate blogging from experimentation.

The blog will continue to be accessible at this address, while the experiments are now to be conducted at Area 51. As projects mature, they may be migrated here or simply redirected, resources permitting. The other homepage is still quite young and boring, but there will be all sorts of goodness.

Thanks for your continued readership!