Omegle Group Chat

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Omegle is a website used to communicate with random, anonymous people across the Internet. Thousands of users troll the website every day, following its slogan to “talk to strangers.” Because of the lack of moderation, there has also been a recent proliferation of spam bots and human spamvertisers, and sometimes it takes 20 wasted connections before one could have a normal conversation. Now, with the Omegle Group Chat extension, users can finally talk to multiple strangers simultaneously while avoiding spam! If you have been using Omegle lately, you might have come across this introductory message:

You have been randomly selected to join an exclusive Omegle group chat…

The fundamental rules are the same: there is no need to reveal your identity and you may leave at any time. I hope Group Chat has been an enjoyable experience for you. Since you’re here, I might as well answer some common questions:

  • Group Chat is neither part of nor endorsed by Omegle
  • Yes, this is a real chat room on Omegle
  • Up to around 20 people are in the chat room at once
  • The chat room is powered by a proxy bot written in Python
  • The script uses less than 4MB of memory and less than 40MHz of processor time
  • The chat lags purely because of Omegle’s AJAX interface
  • Group Chat is bridged with IRC! Join #inportb on freenode for less lag

Due to the recent proliferation of spam, I have implemented a number of spam filters, both automatic and manual, designed to keep the chat clear of junk. Here’s a sampling of the cruft caught by the filters:

** STAT:        spambots/s      22.2272497218
13317 :: bot filter – hi, 18/f/new york, wanna see my nüde video? GO HERE: hxxp://……/8hMmzE
85117 :: bot filter – hi, 20/f/florida, wanna see my naked video? GO HERE: hxxp://……/8hMmzE
67937 :: bot filter – hi, 20/f/new york, wanna see my pr0n video? GO HERE: hxxp://……/8hMmzE
54294 :: bot filter – hi, 20/f/new york, wanna see my pr0n video? GO HERE: hxxp://……/8hMmzE
83998 :: bot filter – hi, 19/f/new york, wanna see my pr0n vid? GO HERE: hxxp://……/8hMmzE

Here’s some other crud that I would not dare post on any blog… and on average, the spam rate is approximately 80%. Enjoy spam-free Group Chat!

Update: there has been more work on Group Chat.


  1. Luna says:

    it replies… real, right.

  2. play boy says:

    hey wat up

  3. Anna says:

    Hey do you think that you could fix omegle? I’ve been trying to help…

  4. TigerGirl16 says:

    I don’t get how this works. Please help me.

    1. Rehan khan says:


  5. boonies4u says:

    A timer should be implemented that shows when a message was sent (or received) by the various people using the chat.

    This allows for a better understanding of how bad the lag is, if it exists, as well as understanding chat order.

  6. Jiang Yio says:

    @boonies4u: that’s a pretty good idea. i’ll think about it. thanks.

    In other news, IRC integration is complete! Please join #inportb on freenode to see the action.

  7. Michelle says:

    How do you get ride of this?! I really don’t like it. I think you should have it so you could choose to be in a chat room or not, because I wish I wasn’t chosen at all. :/

    Seriously, omegle needs to go back to how it was in the beginning.

  8. Jiang Yio says:

    Certainly, you have a choice. There’s a largish disconnect button on the lower-left that you click if you prefer the pervs/idiots/spam/silence. It’s not like anyone’s keeping you connected to the bot.

  9. grimm says:

    omegle have now oficial become a spamsite… i guess i got like 50 in a row… someone please fix that bullshitt?

  10. p_p_person says:

    What happened to this chat?

  11. graveatar says:

    It’s still not working.

  12. Jiang Yio says:

    If you have not been able to find the chat on Omegle, you could always take the easy way out and join us on IRC.

  13. graveatar says:

    Eh, yeah, what I meant was the inportb link was not working.

    Just me?

  14. Jiang Yio says:

    graveatar: it’s been fixed; please try again. thanks for the heads-up.

  15. lazy boy says:

    there are naked guys in omegle

    1. There always is LOL !! :L x

  16. Luigi Fulk says:

    Great. Now i can say thank you

  17. lols says:

    you left out that you get kicked out if your from canada

    1. suresh says:

      hi babe how r u?

  18. ali says:


  19. amna says:

    asalam o alekom to all of u

  20. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,all my friends……………

  21. smhft says:


  22. bob says:

    Why is my skin purple

  23. sexy says: