Using A G1 Without A Data Plan

Monday, December 29, 2008

The day my G1 arrived in the mail, I discovered that it was useless without activation and that I needed a data plan to activate it. Now that I’m fulfilling all my mobile networking needs over WiFi and enjoying all the plain-old-phone features, I thought I’d share my experience.

This Should Not Be Possible

The issue is complicated by contradictory myths from a few high-profile sources. Most notably, T-Mobile asserts that the G1 would not be functional without their G1 data plan. According to representatives, even an activated phone would stop working the moment the data service is disabled.

Let’s think about this logically. What if one takes the phone on a plane or into the subway system where radio connectivity is nonexistent or limited? Since smartphones also serve PDA-like functions, it would upset most users if their phones became nonfunctional during their commute. Still, many people believe the implausible claims of the company who’s trying really hard to sell their value-added services.

Next To Useless Without Data

And then there are those who maintain that while the G1 would technically work, nobody would want to use one without a data plan anyway. One camp says that while one could use a G1 on WiFi alone, it would not be possible to use it as a phone (i.e. a voice communication device). The other offers the contradictory claim that while voice communication would be possible, the other features of this network-centric device would be gone. So who is one to believe? Neither group is right, as it turns out. It should be trivial to use the G1 with most voice plans, as is the case with most other mobile phones. And networking features work as well on WiFi as they do on 3G/EDGE. In addition, the G1 is a wonderfully powerful computing platform most of whose features are available offline.

But What About GPS? ShopSavvy? Shazam? Does SMS/MMS Work?

The GPS radio functions just fine without a data plan; the problem is that the built-in Google Maps application relies on a network connection to retrieve map data. While it works on WiFi, it becomes useless when on the road where mapping is most useful. However, there is a superior mapping application called AndNav2 that is able to cache the map data and provide offline functionality. This is the way GPS-mapping should work.

ShopSavvy and Shazam, on the other hand, do not have offline alternatives and therefore do require a constant network connection such as 3G or EDGE when used away from a WiFi access point.

SMS is completely unrelated to the data service, so it should work with a text plan. MMS, on the other hand, is a rich messaging protocol on top of HTTP with notifications sent via SMS. Dave has some tips on getting MMS working on a G1 without a data plan.

Using AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, and Google Talk

Instant messaging is pretty pervasive these days and has become a standard feature on smartphones, including the G1. Would instant messaging work on the G1 without a data plan? Absolutely! Well… with the exception of Google Talk, the built-in messenger works using SMS. Google Talk is special so a data connection is required. For those who do not want to use SMS for instant messaging, there exist applications on the market that allow chatting over a data connection. The data-centric instant messengers work just fine on WiFi, though it may not always be possible to find a WiFi network.

Receiving OTA Updates

The updates come straight from Google’s servers, so having or not having the data plan should have no bearing on update availability. Furthermore, it has been shown that Google is able to restrict updates to specific devices. The update process is roughly as follows:

  1. Google puts the device IMEI on the whitelist
  2. the device receives a SMS triggering an update-check
  3. the update-check returns the URL to the update package
  4. the device downloads and installs the package

It is possible to perform the update-check without the SMS through the Any Cut shortcut to Device Info; this would only work if the IMEI is on the whitelist, and the device checks by itself often enough. However, given the URL to the update package (or the package itself), it is possible to bypass the IMEI validation and update manually. The manual method can also be performed on the phone itself, without a PC.

No data should be lost during the update, so reactivation is not required.

The Problem With Activation

As I mentioned before, I had to get my phone activated through T-Mobile’s data service before I could even begin to use it. Understandably, a Google-powered handset would need to be synchronized with a Google account. A new (or factory-reset) phone comes with WiFi disabled and 3G/EDGE enabled… and the activation applet does not allow WiFi configuration. So unfortunately, the only choice for activation would be over 3G/EDGE:

  • If you could borrow the SIM card of someone with the G1 data plan, you could just take a couple of minutes to activate your device using his/her SIM card and then pop yours in afterwards. Standard data charges apply, but the G1 plan is unlimited anyway. You could also post an ad on craigslist if you’re having trouble locating a SIM card.
  • You could order the data plan (this could take a couple of hours, but it was almost instant for me over the phone), perform the activation, and cancel the plan when you’re done (again, it was almost instant). A prorated service charge applies, so it shouldn’t cost too much.
  • You could use a prepaid SIM card with the requisite functionality, but I have no personal experience with this method.

But wait! There is alternatively a way to activate over WiFi on a rooted phone (running RC29 or earlier, or a certain modified RC30). JesusFreke over at xda-developers discovered how to use ADB to launch the WiFi configuration tool during activation.

After the initial activation, WiFi could be enabled. It is possible to reactivate (Any Cut to Setup Wizard) or do anything else over WiFi. I have in addition locked my phone into 2G-only mode (Settings > Wireless controls > Mobile networks) and mangled the APN’s (using APNdroid) to conserve power and prevent unauthorized data network usage.

So It Works?

Verily, the G1 makes a great PDA with excellent voice capabilities. It becomes even more useful with an optional data plan. Those who have WiFi access most of the time and do not need networking on the go should be able to do without the data service. Those who indulge in augmented-reality functionality and require mobile networking should find the data service helpful. It is possible to enable the data plan for a short amount of time on a prorated fee, so travelers should have no trouble getting network access when needed. And in the future, it might even be possible to route the data service through WiFi/USB and fully replace conventional networking at home.

Useful Resources

  • g1withoutdata: Dave, a commenter here, shares his advice on his blog
  • xda-developers: these guys have done a lot of work on smartphone software
  • androidommunity: many G1 owners gather there to share information

If you have any experience using a G1 without a data plan, we’d love to hear from you.


  1. danjeerce says:

    Thanks a lot for this post. I’ve been looking all over the Internet, forum after forum, and the people just ask why on earth would you remove the data plan, making it an argument instead of just answering the question.

    My only questions now are

    1. does the phone ask you to reactivate your Gmail account randomly without you doing a factory reset?
    2. does the phone ask you to reactivate your Gmail account after an update? (Ex. RC30 or this future cupcake update)
    3. How do u temporarily get a data line on your phone for the first activation? And how much would the fees be?
    4. Are you sure that activations after the first one are possible without a data plan? And with subsequent activations will it give me access to turn my wireless on or am I required to keep it on 24/7 just in case it asks me out of nowhere to reactivate my account?
    5. Does a prepaid T-Mobile card work for activation? If so where do I buy one and how much does it deduct from the acct simply to activate?

    I’d rather not hear people’s opinions or guess, I just simply want the straightforward answers to these questions. Thanks.

  2. Jiang Yio says:

    Hi, I’m glad you found this information useful. Here’s my experience:

    1. My phone hasn’t done that to me randomly yet, but I can ask it to reactivate by calling the Any Cut shortcut to Setup Wizard. If WiFi is enabled, the transaction occurs over WiFi.
    2. I haven’t personally performed an update yet, but we didn’t have the data service when my dad upgraded the device to RC30… so I’d say no; also, an update should not disable WiFi.
    3. I called T-Mobile CC and told them that I needed 3G on my G1 (but no SMS or anything because I prefer email). It was activated almost instantly, but they say that it might take a couple of hours. After I was done, I called them again and told them to disable the data service. They might try to talk you out of it, but if all goes well they should disable the service and charge you a prorated fee. They’re not going to charge you for the whole month.
    4. I am sure that subsequent activations can be done over WiFi, as I’ve run the Setup Wizard several times to change Google accounts. The Wizard locks me in until I complete the procedure, without the option to enable WiFi, but I can skip the Wizard by pulling out the battery because the phone remembers my account credentials. Here’s a word of warning, though: WiFi is disabled and credentials are wiped after a factory reset, so you’ll need the data service to activate your phone after one of those.
    5. I’ve never tried one of those, and I haven’t read any solid reports on how well it works.

    I recently had to perform a factory reset because I lost control of the accelerometer (it might be a rogue system setting or something, but it was software for sure). The factory reset fixed it, and T-Mobile didn’t give me any trouble while enabling/disabling the data service. That’s why I like T-Mobile, heh.

    I hope this helps. What Google needs to do is allow WiFi configuration in the activation applet, as that’s the only thing tying the phone to the data service.

  3. danjeerce says:

    Thanks for the response. Another question I have for you is how are your settings involving syncing set up in contacts as well as in the actual settings in settings>data sync ? Is it true that if u don’t sync your contacts for long enough they vanish off the phone? Should I fear losing my contacts at some point without data?

    And I really hope google does allow access to wifi for initial setup, but something tells me its probably not an accident.

  4. Jiang Yio says:

    I typically have auto-sync on, and I sync all contacts. I’ve never heard about contacts disappearing without syncing, but if it happens a sync should bring them back.

    Hm… Google has its own APN on-campus (G-Mobile, anyone?) for Android-testing. Something tells me that it should not be too difficult to set one up at home ;p

  5. ilian says:

    haha Jiang, don’t forget Google is a multibillion corp.

  6. Jiang Yio says:

    Yeah, that’s true. lol.

  7. Dave says:

    Well guys, I just thought I would give some input here…

    I have the G1 without the data plan, and everything works fine with no problems.

    The only thing I did have a problem with is MMS, but I got around it by going with the settings I used on my old unlocked HTC 8125:

    Menu > Setting > Wireless controls > Mobile networks > Access point names

    Once you get in there, scroll down until you see T-Mobile US and input the following settings:

    Name = T-Mobile US
    APN =
    Proxy =
    Port= 8080
    Username= None
    Password = None (delete the 4 digit PW that is there)
    Server = Not set (also delete the 1 digit PW there)
    MMSC = Unchanged (do not change it)
    MMS proxy =
    MMS port = 8080

    MCC, MNC, and APN type all stay they was they are.

    Now as far as remembering the old information goes, you can always go into T-Mobile US 160 (right below T-Mobile US), which has all the same settings as T-Mobile US including the password. All you have to do is copy and paste it.

    How do you copy and paste? To do this let’s say you go into T-Mobile US and where it says “Name.” Click it and the edit box will pop up; hold your finger on the name, and then another box will pop up; click “Copy all” (this is only going to copy what is in that box). To paste, you go wherever you want to paste it and do the same steps.

    Hope this can help you guys. I know not being able to send or receive MMS was getting to me pretty bad.

    PS- I will bookmark this page and check back to see if I can help you guys in any way.

  8. Jiang Yio says:

    Hey Dave, thanks for the info; I have merged your update into your post.

  9. Dave says:

    Thanks a lot, I was tired last night LOL.

    Oh yeah, as for the updates and having to reactivate Gmail: once your Gmail account is set up it is stored on the phone unless you factory reset it.

    And getting the phone set up right out of the box, you either have to do as Jiang said or use a friend’s SIM card that has the data plan (if you know someone).

    As for the prepaid cards if you find the right one like the ones sold on Craigslist then yes they also will work. the thing about them cards they are only good for 32 to 45 days but come with unlimtied everything. These cards run anywhere from $25 to $75 each depending on the seller. you can check Ebay and search “Unlimited TMobile Sim cards.”

    What really gets me is this… T-Mobile is finally doing without T-Zones. But if they still have or had it then you could have the full data plan for $5.99 with the setup I listed above. So if you have T-Zones on your plan before you get the G1, and you do not buy it from T-Mobile, then I would be about 99.9% sure you will have the full data plan on your G1 if you use the setup I listed above.

    I will tell you that they are one time cards only, so if you wanted to keep using them you would have to keep buying different SIM cards and you get a different phone number each time. However, there are a few on Ebay that do offer a 3rd-party service that will forward all your calls to the new number (it comes included for free upon the sale of the SIM card).

    What I’m waiting to see is this… There is a new update coming out (called cupcake) to fix and patch some of the flaws of the G1 such as camera, stereo bluetooth, etc… This will be an “over the Air update” so I don’t know if we will be able to get it, But I know even if we can’t get it over wifi I’m know there will be a download for it just like to RC-30 build.

    Anyways I guess it is something you can search and read up on.

  10. Jiang Yio says:

    Ah yes, the cupcake update is supposed to fix lots of things. I’m wondering what it would do to the activation process.

    My dad had my G1 when it was upgraded to RC30, and it didn’t have the data service then, so I’m guessing the update was pulled directly from Google over WiFi. I s’pose we’ll see what happens when the first cupcake update is rolled out.

    According to the guys over at xda-developers, it’s possible to bypass the SIM card insertion and Google activation using the ADB on a rooted phone (RC29 or JF-RC30). Hmm…

    Thanks for the info on prepaid cards.

  11. Dave says:

    Well as far as it goes with cupcake and a new G1 registration I don’t think the update has anything to do with that part from what I have been reading.

    Your dad getting the RC-30 build over wifi is great news to us without the data plan.

    I do know the main items of this update whenever we get it (I hear Jan 10th, and please don’t quote me there) are on-screen keyboard, stereo bluetooth, and sms/mms patches (mms and sms patches to me are the biggest thing). If you guys have noticed, unless you use the system settings I listed above you cannot get picture messages at all.

    The biggest down fall to the G1 in my eyes is there is the lack of Flash support (Cupcake is also working on that issue), but I think a phone based on the largest Internet search engine should have a Flash player. I love this phone but to me it seems that it was pushed on the market too fast. But hey, us G1 1st gen users can learn and watch the changes and support we get. I’m not a person that buys a first release of products but I consider Google my best friend when it come to the Internet… so I jumped all over it.

    Good luck to you guys and if I can help just ask… I have been playing with a lot of different things on the G1 and have yet to run into any problems (no freeze-up, apps working fine, WiFi, calls, mms/sms messaging, etc…). I know 2 of my buddies have the G1 with data plan and they say their phones freeze up at least once a day (I’m not saying that’s because of the data plan or a default, but mine runs real smooth).

  12. Jiang Yio says:

    It’s good to know that somebody else has a smooth G1 experience. I haven’t had many issues with my G1, but I keep hearing horror stories on the forums.

    I guess we’ll see what cupcake is all about pretty soon. I’ve heard people quoting a similar date. I guess I’ll wait a couple of days to see how people’re liking this update before jumping in. And if it does not occur over WiFi I guess we could always go manual.

    Flash support would be awesome.

    btw Dave, have you any relation to Android_Dave over at AC? =p

  13. Dave says:

    no I have no ties with android dave… its funny you ask that because a few other people on other forums have asked me the same thing.

    it is when i get a new product I like to put it to the test. I also like to try to do the “you can’t do that” things such as the whole “you can’t use the G1 without the data plan” deal. by far am I a phone genius but I just know there are ways around everything… I mean heck there is this new software floating around that can rewrite sim cards and give you free unlimited everything for at least a year!!! <– would love to know what it’s called or if anyone has the source for it.

    if I happen to get my hands on it I will be sure to test it and maybe start up my own forum with weekly updates. if anyone knows where to find it please let me know. LOL.

  14. Jiang Yio says:

    Ha, and I thought you were the one spreading the whole Jan.9/cupcake rumor lol.

    You know it’s interesting… the G1 is the first phone I’ve used that does not come with provisions for writing to the SIM card. We could copy our contacts off the SIM and everything, but I haven’t found any way to write data back. It should be possible, though… and if it is, it should also be possible to perform all sorts of SIM trickery such as you describe. It would also be fun to copy the SIM data into internal memory and use that to authenticate instead of a physical SIM.

    But I’d expect mobile service registration information to be stored on the service provider’s servers, so it’d be difficult to give yourself services.

  15. dave says:

    google “unlimited tmobile for one year” search and read about it.

  16. Trey says:

    Hey guys, I’m planning on getting a G1 without a data plan…

    Do you guys use apps with no problems?

    Also, I heard that it may catch up with you after a week or so of not using the data plan. Are you guys still doing fine without it? Haven’t seen anything on your bills change? Thanks!

  17. Dave says:

    @Trey… What is going to catch up with us?? LOL, it seems to me that the G1 works better without the data plan when it comes to running apps… (you just gotta have wifi to be able to download the apps)

    It’s not like we hacked the G1, T-mo only wants you to get the data plan for the extra money. If you have any problems with the G1 getting started post back here as I stop in and check it every day.

    PS I have been using my G1 without the data plan for 2 months now and not one problem. And all the apps on market that people say keep “force closing” don’t force close on me.

    Welcome to the Android world… hope you share any problems or tricks with us!

  18. Trey says:

    Awesome, thanks for the help! And I didn’t mean ‘catch up’ as in getting in trouble, but just from reading other forums I have heard ppl say that it will stop working, or that T-mo will charge your account, stuff like that. Sounds like I have no worries tho. :) Thanks again, i’ll be back i’m sure.

    While I’m here, might as well ask a few questions. Do you use AIM? Can you use it in wifi areas? Can you use it outside wifi areas? If so, then as long as you have unlimited txts you will be fine correct?

  19. Jiang Yio says:

    Hey Trey, thanks for dropping by. The G1 works very well without a data plan, and no data plan does not mean charge-by-the-byte plan — you’re really without data unless you’ve got WiFi.

    AFAIK the built-in AIM application uses SMS, so if you have a text messaging plan you should be able to use it anywhere you have phone service. I just use Meebo because I don’t have unlimited texting.

  20. Trey says:

    Ok so I ordered one today! Hopefully will be here soon.. More questions :)

    1. Out of the box, are there any settings I should turn off or use since I wont be using a data plan?

    2. In order to activate my phone, do I have to use someones sim card that has a G1 data plan? Or could I use a sim card with a Sidekick data plan?

  21. dave says:

    Trey…there is a great app on market called hello aim that is like1000 times better then the standard aim on the phone… Jiang said it does use sms. I have the flex plan on my g1 and have unlimited texting…as far as wifi this phone is just like a laptop as long as there is a open network or you know the newwork info you got internet…

    I know what you was saying about tmo catching up….there is nothing to catch up with other then them catching up with their self for telling everyone this device won’t work without data just to sell a over priced data service that is on 2g 90% of the time instead of 3g network.

    As far as using wifi out side of wifi areas I don’t really understand that question…but if you mean as in like tmo hotspot or connect to wifi that’s been save and not in range. That answer is no. And if you do a lot of texting and get picture messages then I woud suggest using the settings a listed in this forum and download Save SMS from the app store or else you won’t get picture messages.

  22. Jiang Yio says:


    1) You should probably mangle the APN’s using APNdroid (to keep the phone from connecting, just to be sure) and enable 2G-only mode (to save power).

    2) From what I’ve heard, you do need a G1 data plan. If you know someone who’s willing to let you use his/her G1 SIM for a minute, you could set this up (standard charges apply… but the G1 plan is unlimited anyway). Or you could just get the G1 plan through T-mo and cancel it when you’re done (and be charged a small amount for the time you’ve used it).

  23. Trey says:

    Thanks for the replies :)

    Dave, let me clarify one thing. You can use HelloAIM even when not connected to Wifi or data plan and be able to text from my normal AIM screenname? I just wasnt sure if the HelloAIM app needed to be connected to the internet or not. Thats what i meant by ‘outside wifi’ meaning on the road or somthing, even tho I dont have a data plan.

  24. Dave says:

    No you have to have wifi for aim to work… I’m sure there might be a few ways around it; I’m working on a few settings now that may help all of us without data… anyway, there is something I want you to try when taking the G1 out of the box and setting it up… I’m not sure but I think after the G1 and Android screen come up your will be at the start of the setup… what I want you to do is hit the >menu< button and see if there is something that says or has APN somewhere… if it doesn’t work on that screen then do whatever there that is needed to go to the next page and try the menu button again… if you have any problems shoot me an email *snip* and maybe we could trade numbers and walk through it over the phone.

    If you have aim on your pc then you could have all your messages come to your phone… and you will love the way sms is on this device… it’s just like being on aim because it logs the chats and the mms shows up in the log…

  25. Jiang Yio says:

    I see. Well the standard AIM app uses SMS so you should be good to go. HelloAIM and the other messaging apps on the market use the data network, so you’d need WiFi/3G/2G for them to work.

  26. Trey says:

    I’ll try what you said, Dave… Is that with or without my non-data sim card in?

  27. Diana says:

    DAVE or anyone who can help, I canceled my data plan because i was not using it, but now i cannot send or receive MMS messages! I tried changing my settings as instructed in the above post by dave, but still get the “currently unable to download” error message. Please help. thanks!

  28. James says:

    Does anyone have the mms settings for ATT? The ones all over the web don’t seem to work. I always get the download was unsuccessful popup when I try to download an mms message.

  29. Jiang Yio says:

    MMS is a data-centric service unlike SMS, and so requires a data connection (I s’pose WiFi counts). By data-centric I mean that MMS is delivered over HTTP, and the recipient gets the URL from a notification SMS. Dave’s apparently gotten it to work. I can’t say anything about it myself because I don’t use MMS.

  30. Dave says:

    Man Jiang we got some traffic coming in now!!! LOL

    Please read below I have answer Trey,Diana, and James

    @trey without a data sim card.

    @Diana…if you haven’t already,using wifi go to the market and download the app called Save SMS. you can’t use wifi to dl and kind of messages as they come through Tmo server @ Jiang,

    Diana once you download save sms, try to get someone to send you a mms, if it doesn’t work then you want to go back into the network work setting and make sure you have it right.maybe you left a “.” out on the IP or something.

    If this doesn’t help please post back and I will trouble shot it with you.

    @James sorry I don’t have at&t server setup and I hear people are having a very hard time getting mms to work on it. do you have the data plan with att?

    I will look up some info on that and get back to you if I find something.

  31. Dave says:

    @james I’m going to give you a setup for your at&t phone to try.
    I just tried this on my Unlocked g1 and it work
    2 things first though
    -1 make sure you have the data and voice plan from at&t
    -2 Have a at&t 3g sim card (if you don’t have this I don’t know if it makes a difference,but you can go to a at&t store and tell them the deal and get the 3g card)

    LOL….i’m a lil tired if so if I have any typo’s i’m sorry

    Ok so first follow the steps I listed above to get into the Apn and go the the Tmobile US as I also listed above in my tmobile setup.

    Name: AT&T

    APN: wap.cingular

    proxy: none

    port: none


    password: CINGULAR1 (case sensitive)

    Server: none


    MMS Proxy:

    MMS Port: 80

    MCC: 310

    MNC: 410

    APN Type: none

    Now as far as i know the “MNC” is location sensitive, from reading on other sites the MNC is usually just 41 on the east coast and 410 near the northwest region (not sure on any of this it’s all trial and error)

    turn phone off then back on again and you should be able to send/receive mms messages
    You can put this in my last message if you like LOL.

    i tested outgoing/incoming calls, voicemail, outgoing/incoming sms/mms, android market, gmaps, and browser, all worked AMAZING

    Also @ Jiang I can’t use any chat service on my g1 without connected to wifi, Unless I have aim mobile setup from my PC then it comes through as a Text Message.

  32. Andrew says:

    Hey dave i tried the settings for the APN but when I try to go to a website it just says internal error access is not allowed for this user agent and it shows the site i tried to visit

  33. Dave says:

    @andrew….if you don’t have the data plan your not going to be able to use the web unless your connected to wifi.

    @ James please try this and let us know if it works….

    Menu > Setting > Wireless controls > Mobile networks > Access point names

    Once you get in there, scroll down until you see T-Mobile US and input the following settings:

    I do know for this to work you have to have Voice and Data through AT7T and of course a unlocked g1….and you also may need to get a 3g Sim card from AT&T if you don’t already have…if you don’t have one please try it with out it at first.

    Name: AT&T

    APN: wap.cingular

    proxy: none

    port: none


    password: CINGULAR1 (case sensitive)

    Server: none


    MMS Proxy:

    MMS Port: 80

    MCC: 310

    MNC: 410

    APN Type: none

    6. turn phone off then back on again and you should be able to send/receive mms messages

    i tested outgoing/incoming calls, voicemail, outgoing/incoming sms/mms, android market, gmaps, and browser, all worked AMAZING

    Now as far as i know the “MNC” is location sensitive, from reading on other sites the MNC is usually just 41 on the east coast and 410 near the northwest region (not sure on any of this it’s all trial and error)

  34. Andrew says:

    So $5.99 Tzones is out of the question?

  35. Dave says:

    @andrew As sad as it is to say Yes, Tmo no longer offers Tzones…They are trying to make you pay for the data package.

  36. Andrew says:

    They don’t have Tzones anymore? When I put my sim card in my treo 650 everything works perfect and I believe I only had the $5.99 plan…I only get the problem when I try to browse on my g1 but thanks

  37. Dave says:

    @james I want you to try this setup on your g1 for at&t

    This will only work if you have the Voice and Data plan with them. You may also need a 3g Sim card (If you go to at&t and tell them you have a g1 and need a 3g Sim Card…I think they will give it to you for free)

    Ok so here ya go…

    Follow steps that I list above to get in and change the APN. once you in the Tmobile US

    Name – AT&T
    APN – wap.cingular
    Proxy – none
    Port – None
    Username –
    Password – CINGULAR1 (case sensitive)
    MMS Proxy –
    MMS Port – 80
    MCC – 310
    MNC – 410
    APN Type – none

    turn the phone off and back on and try the MMS

    As far as the MNC goes it is location sensitive it is usually just 41 if on the east coast and 410 near the northwest…as far as the rest I couldn’t tell. Maybe you can google it.

    I know when I spoke with T-mo they say they no longer have t-zones… as far as customers that already have it, I don’t know… maybe Google it and check some settings… I have heard a few people say it does work but I haven’t myself seen any proof and I’m not able to try it. From what I have read up on there are a lot of people saying it works so you may want to go into your settings on the G1 and make sure you have it set on the 2g network (goto >menusettingMobile networks< once there make sure the “Use Only 2G Networks” box is checked).

  38. Diana says:

    DAVE, I had the saveMMS installed previously and it worked when I had data plan, but it is not working now. I rechecked the settings and they are accurate. Please help. Thanks!

  39. dave says:

    This setting should work as I have set it up on over 15 G1’s and there were no problems on any of them. Try checking to make sure your phone is set to 2g only… go to menu,settings,mobile networks and make sure the 2g box is checked… also once you change the settings you may want to restart the phone… and if that doesn’t work well the only thing i can think is the sim card… when you got the G1 did T-mo give you a new sim card? Update: are you on flex pay? do you have the texting service?… you got me stumbled on this one… I know it works 100% so there must be something little missing.

  40. Diana says:

    Dave, thanks for getting back to me. I had the 2g unchecked so will try it again. My sim card is not new, but should be ok because I owned an MDA before my G1 and was able to send and receive mms just fine.

    Ok its still not working. I have unlimited text on a regular plan. I have a question: when i go to testing-> phone info-> menu–> more info I don’t have the option of enabling data connection is that the issue maybe? like when i press it. it doesn’t change back to disable data connection.

  41. dave says:

    Yes, we have to figure out a way of turning data off or else it wont work… so lets try this any of the tmobile us apn change to the setting i have listed and then turn the phone off….if you dont travel to the uk you can delete those apn’s as well. ok… I going to assume you are using Any Cut to get into testing… so if you have the shortcut to get into testing please if you haven’t follow these steps. please let me know if this works.

    1. get into testing
    2. go to phone info
    3. once in phone info click menu
    4. once menu pops up click more
    5. click on disable data connection

    Also once you’re in phone info scroll down and make sure that the drop down box under where it says set preferred networks is on unknown… oh yea when you click menu and then more it might say disable data on boot and disable data try disable data first and if that doesn’t work then try the disable on boot then turn the phone off and back on.

  42. Jon says:

    I just ordered a G1 off of Ebay, unactivated. I have a T-mobile plan without a data plan. I would rather not mess with a data contract (activating and cancelling) since I am not the only one on this plan. So, I was wondering if i could be a prepaid sim to activate the phone and then switch to my normal sim? Is that possible? … or if I borrow a friend’s card from an already activated G1, would that work? Thanks.

  43. Diana says:

    Dave, I dont understand these directions: “so lets try this any of the tmobile us apn change to the setting i have listed and then turn the phone off….if you dont travel to the uk you can delete those apn’s as well.” Please clarify!

    also i disabled the data, but when i scroll down to preferred network it is set on gsm. i change it to unknown, but it flips back to gsm when i exit. I tried pressing update and refresh but can’t get it to stay on unknown.

  44. Jiang Yio says:


    You’re going to need data service at least for the activation step, so if you have a friend with the T-mobile data plan that would be best. As for prepaid cards… Dave has some positive feedback about them but I haven’t tried them personally.

    If your device is still running RC29 (hey it might be… you just got it, right?) you’re in luck, as JesusFreke at xda-developers has found a way to enable WiFi during activation.

    @Dave: yeah, I might have to convert this into a full page and add a forum hahaha…

  45. Dave says:

    @Jiang… LOL man I was doing a test on my phone today and ended up having to do a hard reset, so tomorrow I’m going to buy a prepaid card and see if it works to get past setup…

    @Diana: you’ve got me stumped… If anything I listed in here doesn’t help you then you may have to start back from square one: resetting the phone back to factory, getting someone with a data sim or calling T-mo and having them add it back on (once its set up call back and cancel to data service, people say they will only charge a few dollars if not less then 1 dollar). Once you get past setup, go in and change the setting to what I have listed in here.

    Update @Diana: ignore deleting the apn’s

    the org. setup I have listed for the T-Mobile US and all the other things if you have that setup as I listed the only other thing I think could be stopping is not getting the phone of the gsm, It maybe the sim card. when you got your g1 did you get a new Sim with it ? if so that can be the problem. I’m going to the T-mo store tomorrow and I will ask if it has a certain type sim that comes with.

    Although hundreds of other people use the setup I listed here and are not having the problem you are, I will not quit on finding the answer and solution to fix it for you and all the other future G1 users.

  46. Jiang Yio says:

    Oh man, I had a similar moment while out of town: the accelerometer stopped working and I figured I’d get the data plan for a few days so I could have network access on the go after factory-resetting. It wasn’t very expensive. Enabling data just for activation would indeed cost just a couple of bucks or less.

    Thanks for sharing your research. I’d love to know if you could get that prepaid card working :)

  47. Diana says:

    Dave, thank you for looking into this. My sim card is not new. The difference I notice now is that when i try to download my mms the edge icon shows up like it did on my mda, but it doesn’t download.

  48. Dave says:

    well the edge is suppose to show up and you can tell if it’s working by the arrows….That is a good sign there…I just got mine back up in running, and it is confirmed that a prepaid card will indeed work only if you change the APN. At any time on the sign up you can hit menu and the only option that shows up is APN, the change it to the setting I listed

    Name Tmobile US



    port 8080

    Username Leave blank

    Password Delete (there is a 4 digit password just delete it)

    Server Delete (there is a 1 digit server just delete it)

    MMS proxy

    MMS port 8080

    Anything that you don’t see listed then leave it what it is.

    Reboot the phone and try your MMS.

    Also diana I do think that the anycut app effects this somehow, meaning it stop the phone from working on this network. So I would suggest doing a reset on the phone, barrow a sim with data plan insert that sim into the g1 on the first screen you get on boot up hit the menu button. then click APN scroll down to tmobile Us APN and change it to what i have listed above….then reboot the phone let it sit for about 3 or 4 minutes and go through sign up. as soon as you get through sign up power off the phone and put your sim card back in and boot it up.

    Once you get all that done you have one more thing to change…Go in the wireless control setting scroll down to mobile networks. There you should see that the data roaming box will be checked, you want to uncheck this box and check the box “Use only 2g Networks” once again reboot the phone and let it sit for about 2 or 3 mins and then try the MMS.

    …now with what you got right now with the edge icon coming up like it is downloading are you getting active moving arrows like it is downloading ?

    Sorry this post is all over the place hope you understand everything I have typed…LOL

  49. Diana says:

    Dave, the edge arrows do show activity but then just disappears and i get a message saying the download was unsuccesful. Strange thing is now is that i can’t even texxt at all! i got a text this morning. and haven’t changed anything since but can’t text any longer. Do you think i can just delete the anycut program? i dont know anyone with the data plan and really dont want to lose everything on my phone. also i put my sim back in my mda and everything works fine.

  50. Diana says:

    oh i guess i can receive but not send texts..

  51. Dave says:

    hmmm…..Well deleting anycut isn’t going to help (as it didn’t for me)And as far as loosing anything I don’t think that is a issue as the only thing you really lose is data stored on the phone NOT the SD card, The good news is Any apps you downloaded will still be in your “My Downloads” on the market.(and apps are really the things that are not there when doing a phone reset)

    you can take a shot at going into a tmobile store and asking a rep to let you use a sim card for just a few seconds. Or call Tmo and ad the data back to your plan in till you get through the setup. Then call them back and cancel it. <~~~you will not really get any problems doing this.And it will only be like a Dollar or Two different on your bill.

  52. Jiang Yio says:

    So my bill just came in. I was charged 83 cents for data while activating my account. That figures to about 1/30 of the $25 monthly cost so… if you’re taking this route you might as well use the service for a full day instead of canceling it right away :)

  53. Dave says:

    @Jiang, I knew it was cheap… and they always pro rate for 1 day anyways. I just didn’t know if they put some weird tax or add and remove fee. The only reason I say to cancel right away is because I know the way I did it to my G1 works.

    Also Diana make sure if you do this you use the same Gmail account that you have used prior (this is what the market runs off of).
    Update: something just crossed my mind; if you still have testing go back in there and try to enable it again and reboot the phone let it sit for a few minutes and if you edge icon pops up let it still sit for a few more minutes and then try the MMS…

    BTW where is our cupcake!!! LOL

  54. Jiang Yio says:

    lol Dave no worries. Hm… it’s the fifteenth and still no cupcake. Darn it =p

  55. Diana says:

    Dave, I tried everything you said. The final straw was when I was no longer able to send regular text messages. I just put my data back on and everything works just fine again. I don’t know if I want to deal with taking it off again or resetting my phone. Not ’til the weekend at least… Thanks again for your help!

  56. Dave says:

    @Diana I am working on a video and put it on youtube as soon as I get it up I will post link here

  57. Trey says:

    Hey dave, I emailed you, please try to get in touch asap :)

  58. Yaritza says:

    Hey guys,

    I’m looking at getting a G1 for my birthday, which is the 24th, but like all of you, I am not looking forward to adding the data plan. Now, being that I have to call T-Mobile and order the phone from them directly because they are guarateeing me the full discount, I know I will have to add the data in order for them to sell it to me, but how much do you think it will end up costing me by the time I receive the phone in the mail, activate it, and then cancel the data plan?

  59. Trey says:

    ^you can get them to sell it to you without.. they dont force you to get it, they just think it wont work without it. tell them you want it anyway :)

  60. Dave says:

    @Yaritza, the biggest thing here is make sure they do not make you lock in on a 2year contract (unless you don’t care) as far as the cost well trey or someone else may be able to give you a better answer on that as I got my g1 on a trade,and just popped my sim card in and got it going…you can cancel the data plan whenever you want. There is no extra cost for stopping that service from what a few have said.

    Also @Trey did you cancel your data and try the setup I have listed here….please if so let everyone know so that they know it works!

  61. Yaritza says:

    Trey, I was under the impression that you needed the data plan in order to activate the phone, right? You see, I don’t know of anyone that has the data plan so that I may use their sim in order to activate my phone. Now, if there’s a way to activate the phone without the data plan, then I’m all for it. I would just need to know exactly what I would have to do in order to activate it.

    Dave, I’m ok with another 2 year contract. Truth is, I really like their myfaves plan. But just wanting to see how I can cheat the system with the help of you guys. Thanks, though.

  62. Dave says:

    @Yaritza, there is really not away to cheat the setup. if you are not on flex pay…just ad the data service use it for however long you want (who knows you might keep it)…but lets say you know for a fact you don’t want it….it will cost you close to 90 cents a day to use….so call and ad it your plan setup the phone keep the data service for that day…then call and cancel it. tmobile will not charge you anything other then the amount you used the service. if you use texting and picture messaging then you might want to use my setup i have listed on this blog. and if you any problems just post it and i will help you the best i can.

  63. Jiang Yio says:

    Yaritza, AFAIK the data plan is not a required part of the two-year contract, if that’s what you’re going for. Otherwise, they charge you $400 for the phone (which is how I got mine). Anyhow, it doesn’t take very long to cancel the data plan and it costs less than a buck a day.

  64. Jon says:

    Hey everyone,
    So I got the G1 to work without the plan (using the recommended xda-developers instructions) — I love the phone! The only problem is that the battery life is a bit short, especially on wifi. I have rc29 on my phone. Would rc30 improve battery time, or perhaps the cupcake whenever that comes out?

  65. Jiang Yio says:

    Hi Jon, thanks for confirming that the xda-developers instructions work.

    WiFi is no power miser, but the upside is that it shuts down when the phone goes to sleep. I’ve definitely heard reports of improved battery life with RC30. However, there’re other things that you might want to try in addition to (or in lieu of) upgrading:

    • calibrate the battery meter once every couple of months, starting now
    • disable WiFi when you know you’re not going to use it (because it might use power connecting or trying to connect to nearby AP’s)
    • avoid/reconfigure applications that keep the phone awake or on the network
    • ask T-Mobile for a [free] replacement battery

    But I’d upgrade because RC30 fixes a number of bugs. If you want to keep root access though, you might want to stay with RC29 or look into JF’s version of RC30.

  66. Jon says:

    How do I go about updating? Is it even worth it, since the next update (cupcake) should be released in a few days anyways?

    Also, what do you guys think about this|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A1|294%3A50

    It almost seems worth trying. I had one like that on my old dash, and it worked admirably. Unfortunately, I only was able to use it for 3 days or so before I broke the phone.

  67. B.Hoang says:

    Major Kudos for this article. My G1 came in 2 days ago. For all the readers out there, i can tell u w/ first hand experience that everything on this article is very accurate. I added the data plan for an entire day (like u suggested) so i could take advantage of the G1’s fullest potential. I canceled the data plan on my tmobile account website. Thanks a lot for this awesome site.

    According to livecrunch, Cupcake will be delivered this sunday via OTA (over the air.) This is will be my first time updating the G1. My questions are: How do you download an update OTA without data plan? What is the process like? Any inputs would be appreciated.

  68. Dave says:

    @B.Hoang, did you use the setup I listed? If so can you confirm that the SMS and MMS do work… I am glad that we were able to help you with your G1… welcome to the G1 world!

    As far as the whole cupcake stuff goes… lol well it seems none of the sources are turning out to be good… it seems that this is for sure coming out by the end of the month… you can go check this blog out as it seems to have some pretty good info on it… as far as installing the update it will be sent to your phone like a text message (if you don’t have data, I hear from this forum you can download it with wifi as long as your not on a modded rom.) Good luck and If you have any other questions I’m sure one of us can help you or point you in the right direction.

  69. Jiang Yio says:

    Hey B.Hoang, congratulations on your new phone! Interestingly, I wasn’t able to cancel online (said it was required) and had to call them, but it’s cool that you had a smooth activation process.

    If you hear about people getting the cupcake/RC31 update but haven’t gotten it yourself, you could check this site for manually-installable updates. I haven’t tried it yet, but intend to if I can’t get the update over WiFi.

    @Dave: lol I’ve stopped posting rumors, but I’m gunna get posting when I hear about people actually getting RC31 :)

    Update: here you go

  70. Dave says:

    @ Jiang, yeah it is crazy, I give up,LOL….I will get it when I get it…there is only 3 things I want my g1 able to do.

    1 flash support
    2 Save Apps to SD card
    3 Support a 16gig sd card

    ^^If I get the above I will be happy for at least a year or so….

    I told you guys I was working on the data setup on the g1, Well let me give you a little info on what I’ve been able to do.

    Of course I don’t have data, however I have messing with some APN settings and as of right now I am getting free data for about a hour then it will stop working, I reboot the phone and bam it’s working again…

    However I’m not going to give this info out as of right now, But Jiang when or If I get it working for good I will give you the setup. So far now I have been messing with it and nothing at all showed up on my bill. I also have another G1 on a flex pay account it the setup works on there also. So if it works on flex pay then I know for sure it won’t show up on your bill.

    Anyways I will keep you posted and let you know how it turns out.

    hmm I checked that update link you posted and well…. I would like to see a picture with the build…and from the changes that person listed I think I would say they can keep the cupcake!!!

  71. Jiang Yio says:

    Hey Dave, it sounds pretty amazing what you’ve been doing, haha. I guess #1 and #2 will come when they do… and I’m guessing #3 is possible now. But eh, we’ll see in due time, right? From the looks of the Arron La post, Cupcake looks pretty stable but needs a few more tweaks.

  72. WOODHI says:


    Do you think it is possible to mess with the APN settings on an unactivated g1 so that it can get data to activate it?? You said it only last for an Hour which is more than enough time to just register it

    I would love to try this cause i don’t have any friends that have a data sim(there all on at&t) that i can use and my RC30 cant do the work around. Also i dont wanna spend 30 bucks for a prepaid data sim

  73. Dave says:

    @WOODHI: I haven’t tried to reset the phone and tested this data out, so at this point I cannot give you a answer on that.

    However if you go to a T-Mobile store and be nice to a rep maybe offer like $10 I’m sure they’d let you borrow either their sim or a store sim that has data on it… Or you can flash you phone back to RC29 build and do the root. <~~The root is not for those who don’t really know what they are doing and you could brick your phone. So I would suggest doing what I first said.

    However you can change the APN on the phone on setup by hitting the menu button. But I’m not going to post any info on the setup I’m using right now due to the fact I don’t want it everywhere on the web in till I have it working 100%…and even still then I really don’t want it all over the web because they might end up shutting down the server I’m using…

    I will tell you guys this much, It’s a data testing server that tmo has that I’m using. And honestly I think it’s way faster the the data plan that is offered with the G1 hell maybe even faster than my WiFi.

    Oh yeah I also wanted to tell you guys a buddy of mine has the Tzones data plan working on the G1; T-Mobile doesn’t offer this anymore, but I guess if you had that service and still pay for it then they let you keep it… But I did setup his G1 on my setting listed on this site and got through the setup with it. It still works and this was like almost 2 weeks ago that I set it up.

  74. Jiang Yio says:

    If you’re using T-Mobile, it’d take about (less than) a buck to activate your phone the traditional way.

    @Dave: I had figured this much… this is indeed quite interesting :)

  75. WOODHI says:

    @Dave haha maybe i might go to the t-mobile store WoW faster than wifi thats pretty sick

    @Jiang yeah man I really don’t want to call t-mobile cause had bad history with them

    Imma go to the t-mobile store now haha i’ll post when i get back if they helped me or not

  76. Diana says:

    Dave, is there a way to test if the settings for MMS will work before I cancel my data plan again? I disabled data. and entered all the settings in, checked the 2G only box, but wonder if things will be different once I turn the data off.

  77. byron says:

    hey thanks dave for the mms settings they are awesome… just wanted to say something really quick abou the startup screen without data plan…i currently dont have the data plan and its no big deal except when i downgraded from ota rc30 to rc29 because i needed it for the startup screen but with some help from xda-developers i was able to do it over wifi… it is really easy to follow the instructions… then from there i upgraded to the modded rc30 i recommend doing so if you want to be able to do some neat stuff but for the activating you will need to downgrade to rc29 or have mod rc30 ota rc30 will not work but its so easy give it a try before calling up t-mobile plus its free

  78. chrisL says:

    Dave, the setting change worked great, thanks for the info. My big issue with using the g1 w/o the data plan was MMS picture messaging and your advice did the job. Thanks.

  79. WOODHI says:

    @ byron how do you just downgrade to an rc 29???

    Update: WOW I’m such a noob i just went to rc 29 and i still couldn’t figure out the work around.

  80. SirParker says:

    I have loved this site as a help on how to use my g1 without the data plan. Sure enough it works fine without one. I have one problem tho and that is that i cannot connect to the Market through Wi Fi. Maybe i missed something about it on here but can someone help with that? Thanks

  81. Jiang Yio says:

    Hm… a bunch of people seem to be having this problem lately, though the Market should work regardless of what network service you use. I’ve seen questions on Android Community as well as on Google’s own forums. I do not know what’s wrong, but perhaps it has something to do with logging in incorrectly?

    Does your network service work for other applications? You can try reactivating over WiFi using Any Cut.

  82. Dave says:

    Yeah the whole market thing could be a log in issue, market is run from your gmail account some how… so it could be something to do with that… or you can try what Jiang said but I stop using anycut on my setup as it some how would screw up my network settings on the setup I listed on this site.

    I’m glad you all got your g1’s working and my setup helped you.

    @diana, ok here is what you can try….once your data is turned off reboot the phone, then input my apn settings

    The go in and try this check both boxes the roaming and the 2g box, then reboot you phone again…. and after it boots check for the edge icon on the top of the sceen, if the edge “E” icone is there let the phone sit for a minute or two and then try the MMS, don’t try to send the MMS but have someone send you one, don’t try to download one that is alreay on the phone though make sure it is sent after you get done setting up everything and you have the edge icon. If it doesn’t work then try to send one and see if it works….in most cases you have to receive a mms fisrt to get it working.

    As for a way to test it before you cancel your data…..I don’t think there is but if someone here knows can you please answer…LOL sorry but I have never played with the g1 that has data.

    @Jiang…I honestly don’t use the browser or the internet on my phone other then the market…so for me it would be pointless to pay for a data service that cost about $10 less then my home internet that is 15mb d/l and 4mb up….so I really just can’t see myself paying for it….Now if it was a normal price like $10 a month or even $15 then I would do it….I don’t know maybe it is me but I’m sorry I just think its a rip off….I mean hell its half the price of your monthly bill if not more then half….the funny thing is I make over 6figures a year and I still won’t pay for it,lol ok I will stop the complaining about it…just had to let it off my chest…

  83. Diana says:

    Just thought I’d share. i took the data off. and things are working fine. except i had someone send me a mms. tried to dl it. but it was unsuccessful. and now I can’t send texts out again. Just like last time. I will be doing a hard reset. and see if this fixes everything. I don’t know if I mentioned this before but when I was not able to send texts out last time. Tmobile had to send me an update of settings to my phone and it worked again.

  84. Dave says:

    @diana, all I can say is WOW…..there has to be something on your g1 stopping you,you seem to be the only one having this problem….I’m lost on ideals and words here

    If anyone else had this problem or knows what it might be or any suggestions please post.

    I looked into this over and over again and tried it on both g1’s I own and had 3 of my friends on xbox live do it and no one has ran into this…I also did it on a tmobile rep g1 LOL and it worked….I’m also sure there has been a lot more people that has used this info here that has not posted, so again if anyone has ran into this problem and got around or knows what it is please fill Diana and myself in ::::scratches head::::

  85. WOODHI says:

    OK so i figured it all and it it works my issue now is when i connect through wifi my browser doesn’t work nor anything else that would use data… any ideas?

    @diana… maybe you need a 3g sim card even if you don’t use the data just the new sim card

  86. Dave says:

    If your browser is not working over wifi you may want to make sure where you connecting to has access to the internet… your wifi does not have anything to do with the settings I list on here…

    Also about the sim card thing….I think I had suggested this before… as I know it could be the issue @diana maybe go to a tmobile store and tell them your phone is having problems with service and texting and you was told by tmo CS to go in store and get a new sim card…they will just give it to you…

    also @woodhi thanks for the input and reply.

  87. Jiang Yio says:

    Hm, this is quite interesting. WOODHI, are you connected to your home network? This sounds like a network configuration problem.

  88. WOODHI says:

    O BTW Thanks Dave for the MMS config. It works great.

    @Jiang: I am connected threw my home wifi and it seems to work off and on what’s weird is that I’m connected on my notebook just fine so its not my wifi.

  89. Dave says:

    @woodhi,Yea it could be a network issue as far wifi goes, it could also be a internal issue with your wifi..The APN settings I listed here doesn’t effect anything with WiFi.

    I’m glad I was able to help you out on the settings though and I’m glad they are working for you.

    @Diana please keep me posted if you do a factory reset. I would love to know how it works out. And I’m sorry I wasn’t able to help you out.

  90. WOODHI says:

    Do you guys think its possible it drops cause im running the rc29 i havent figure out how to get rc30

  91. Dave says:

    BTW, where is everyone from…

    @woodhi, I don’t think so…but if I’m wrong someone please correct me.

  92. WOODHI says:

    @ dave Im in california and hum.. then I’m out of ideas too

  93. Dave says:

    i never had the rc29 but i dont think that has anything to do with it…..then again anything is possible, it could be a number of things i.e your ports(on ur computer), defective wifi on your g1….anything.

    Im from baltimore Maryland

  94. WOODHI says:

    dang im just bummed if it is a defective wifi.

  95. Jiang Yio says:

    WOODHI, I think it may be worth checking out a different WiFi AP. I’ve heard that the G1 can be sensitive to certain configurations that work just fine for computers.

  96. Jack says:

    Would it be possible to use only wi-fi after activating the phone with a T-Mobile Sim card from someone who has an unlimited data plan on a Blackberry?

  97. Jiang Yio says:

    From what I’ve heard, you gotta have the G1 plan to activate the phone. But once activated, WiFi should be sufficient for most networking functionality. idk if the BB plan is compatible with the G1.

  98. Dave says:

    @Jack, you should be fine doing it with the blackberry data service,I know it does work with blackberry plans because that’s what I use when I first got my g1.

  99. WOODHI says:

    @Jiang yeah its possible if thats the case haven’t tried the wifi somewhere other than home so i’ll check that out

    @Dave they might have changed this cause recently I tried to do that when i was trying to activate mine (earlier in the post) I had gone to the store with my friend who had a friend that worked there and we tried it with his sim which had the BB data and it didn’t work

    **Note the t-mobile guy said i needed a 3g sim which i never got and my g1 works fine(except the wifi thing – and a few times the txting just stopped working but a reboot fixes that up)

  100. Dave says:

    @Woodhi, RC29 could be a part of the texting issue,however even if they did stop the blackberry plan from working on stratup I’m sure you can change the apn to the blackberry server and it would work.

    try changing the APN to my setup here. you can do this at anytime on the first start up by clicking the menu button and then click apn….

    The problem is the blackberry plan runs on wap.voicestream server not the epc.tmobile server so the phone is not going to get any internet connection in till you change to wap.voicestream

    @Jack, look at my post on this page the I wrote on January 14th at 5:03 PM read it, you can use the blackberry plan for setup this way….I know it works (or it worked for me like 5 minutes ago on my spare g1, with my wifes blackberry sim)

    Hope this helps and if you have any questions just ask, Please keep us informed.

  101. Jack says:

    @Dave, thanks for the replies. I am going to get one soon to use as an internet device around the house. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  102. Eric says:

    @ Dave,
    I read your post on how to get MMS up and running and I tried it but as soon as that little EDGE symbol popped up I disconnected it. Just to clarify things, is this supposed to happen and am I giong to get charged for some data as a result of that? I have that one app, netcounter, and it did show that there was data flowing so I’m a little hesitant.

    Also, when I disconnected the data, I simply went to the APNs and added a q at the end of everything in case i ever wanted to reinstate the data. It sounds like there’s a way to do this using anycut but the way I did it has worked for the last two weeks. Do you think it really matters one way or the other?


  103. nrjaurora says:

    curious – can you sync your contacts and calendar say using iCal / AddressBook on a MacBook with the g1?

  104. nrjaurora says:

    also, has anyone used skype ( on the g1. thanks.

  105. WOODHI says:

    @DAVE – well my g1 is already activated but that would have been awesome haha.. and i think i will just wait for cupcake not the rc 30 i might as well just update it once… im just hoping the cupcake doesnt make me activate it again or sumthing…. would totally mess me up and if they get rid of rooting.. should be intresting..

    @nejaurora Not sure about the skype or address book you cant not sync it with ical(YET.. maybe in the future) .. HOWEVER if you sync your ical and your google calendar then it is possible to sync your g1 and your google calendar. This is what I do cause I am on a mac

  106. nrjaurora says:

    Thanks WOODHI — I’m looking into buying a G1 and this helps. Here’re a few additional questions…

    1. w/o the data plan you would use wifi, have the phone on autosync to sync w/ google calendar, contacts right?
    2. what’s the app that i could use to allow my mac to sync w/ google calendar, contacts?
    3. does anyone know of the best way to get the g1 w/o getting locked into the 2yr contract? a reliable source or method?
    4. can anyone in the forum layout in one response the steps a person needs to take: setting the phone up w/o data / important settings / apps / updates for when a person gets a g1?
    5. i realize that it’s all here in this forum in the responses / the great article posted but it’d be great for anyone coming through to get it in one spot — if someone can do this they’d be doing a great service to anyone that may come through w/ interest in getting the g1 w/o the data package.

    Again thanks.

  107. Dave says:


    1. I don’t understand… not really a question.
    2. I hope this is what you were looking for
    3. you can buy the g1 either directly from t-mobile for full price (I think its like $399 US), or you can buy one off ebay, craigslist, etc…
    4. as for this question, there is a few different ways to do this, the best way is:
      1. find someone that has the tmo data plan and use their sim card for the setup, if you where to buy a used g1,local craigslist,or over the internet you could ask the seller to get through the setup for you..I’m sure selling a phone for $250 to $400 they won’t have a problem doing this.
      2. once you got that done, if you don’t do any picture messaging your done. If you do use picture messaging then you would want to follow my steps list up towards the top of this blog.
      3. all your updates, apps, gmail etc… will work only when connected to wifi. So as long as you have wifi signal then you will be fine.
      4. enjoy your g1!

    Once you clear up question 1 for me I will try to answer it for you and see if Jiang would merge it in, also if I left something out please let me know when you rephrase your question so I can have it all in 1 post.

  108. nrjaurora says:

    Hi Dave- thanks for the detailed response.

    Question 1: I was just confirming the statement made before “right?” in the question the question being “right?” A simple Yes or No would suffice.

    Question 4: Well was hoping to get a bit more detail re: kind of a step by step layout i.e. Step 1, Step 2 (step 1 being something like: insert a sim card w/ a data plan then go through basic sub-steps of the set up process indicating what to expect or whatever would come next; step 2 being something like what you mentioned above re: picture messaging; step 3 being something like: important updates – updates that should be done or a person should expect w/ links and a brief explaination of what the update will do; step 4 being something like: important settings – certain settings one should apply like setting the phone into 2g vs 3g to save battery / setting the phone on auto sync / setting the phone so it doesn’t try to access the internet when not in wifi mode; step 5 being something like: Important App’s to download / install (w/ links) like the mac app to allow syncrinization btw computer and google online. step 6 being anything else you think would be helpful for someone just getting a new g1.

  109. Dave says:

    Answer to question 1 – yes you would have to use wifi

    as for the question 4, ….LOL sorry I just don’t want to keep repeating the setup on the same blog, as it is on here like 2 or 3 times….

    As for the updates…..well they don’t come often..and when they do come unless you have the root setup on your device, I would suggest downloading them, ( these updates are rumored to still work without the data plan over wifi ) as for them working on my setup I can not yet answer that question as I have the latest update for the g1.

    As for apps…well that is all about your taste,and what you want on your device…I haven’t really seen a Must have app yet (meaning something that everyone has to have on their g1)

    As for battery saving well yes, use on 2g network will save the battery. So will turning off wifi when not using, not having the gps on is a great plus to.

    I will say this bottom line if your not using the g1 with the data plan, then you are planning to use this device as a phone unless you are in wifi range 95% of the time like myself…

    If you are getting this phone for the internet and would like to get the full experience from it then I would say get the data plan…for example most of the coolest apps use internet connection in some way, Like the Barcode scanner (scans barcodes on products then gets online to find the cheapest price) you really can’t experience this feature while out shopping because most department stores don’t have wifi access.

    If you are a big text message person, and got this phone for texting and not really the internet then don’t get the data plan just follow the instructions listed towards the top of this blog.

    Please also note – I am far from a phone expert, I am just a person that has a interest in electronics, and the find ways to make them fit my personial needs and wants, Having said that I also like to share what I find only if it works and don’t give me any problems, i.e Phone freeze, programs crashing, certian phone settings no longer work ect…

    If you or anyone comes to this site or any other site I go on I will help you to the fullest.

    BUT Please always remember GOOGLE is your best friend when it comes to information that a person might need.

  110. Jiang Yio says:

    Hey guys, I’m still around and I intend to merge some of this info into the post body to save repeated typing. I just haven’t gotten around to it because of time constraints :x
    Dave, thanks for typing all of that out lol.

  111. Dave says:

    *Cracks knuckles* no problem @Jiang…I started a blog today only for the APN setup for tmobile and at&t you can check it out here Now it is only the setup nothing else.

  112. Jiang Yio says:

    Oh, that looks like a great start. It’d be a nice organizing center for information regarding use of the G1 without the data plan.

  113. Dave says:

    Yea I made sure to link this page because this is where I first posted and most basic questions have already been answered.

  114. Eric says:

    I posted this before but im not sure if it showed up on the page for everyone else.

    @ Dave,
    I read your post on how to get MMS up and running and I tried it but as soon as that little EDGE symbol popped up I disconnected it. Just to clarify things, is this supposed to happen and am I giong to get charged for some data as a result of that? I have that one app, netcounter, and it did show that there was data flowing so I’m a little hesitant.

    Also, when I disconnected the data, I simply went to the APNs and added a q at the end of everything in case i ever wanted to reinstate the data. It sounds like there’s a way to do this using anycut but the way I did it has worked for the last two weeks. Do you think it really matters one way or the other?


  115. Dave says:

    @Eric, the E (edge) icon is suppose to pop up when you change the settings that is what you want, if you have unlimited text then your fine (MMS and SMS uses data to download the message) so no you won’t be charged for anything. I don’t use anycut as it messed up my network settings and had to factory reset my g1.

    if when you tried my setup and you got the Edge Icon then you should have been good to go…

    As far as you putting “q” at the end of everything…LOL I have no clue on that, can you explain to me what that does? Teach me something,LOL.

    But with tmobile if you don’t pay for data service you don’t get it at all, So there is no way for them to charge you. I know on the G1 if you try to use browser without data service and without connected to wifi you will get error messages saying you don’t have that service. So if your MMS is working then you should be good to go and you won’t see any data charges on your bill, and if you do then you can call tmo throw a little fit and I’m sure they will take great care of you!!

  116. d says:

    hey dave i have tmobile G1 unlocked and using for tmobile just dont have a data plan on it do i did the thing for mms cuz i would download messages before that and it didnt work i couldnt send either do i need to copy and paste the information to tmobile 160 under tmobile us?

    i also have unlimited text and pic and 100 minutes just makes me mad that pix aint working on my unlocked G1!! i wasnt suppose to change my apn? to leave it the same?

  117. Eric says:

    @ Dave
    Alright, well I added that APN again and the EDGE symbol poped up again. I tried to download an MMS and it said that it was unable to download. It appears that I’m having the same problem that Diana was having above. I was reading through the posts and you said for MMS to work for AT&T that the MNC is location sensitive, is there any chance that this is also the case for T-mo?

    And with the “q”, I read somewhere that a guy disabled his data through T-Mo and went to Britain and that apparently his applicatoin running in the background still got data and it landed him with a bill over $100. I’m not really sure, I didn’t read the article thoroughly. But to make sure that something like this didn’t happen to me I changed the APN settings by adding “q” (it really could have been any character) after everything so that there was no way the data could make it through. This way if I ever have a change of heart I can go back and put them back to how they were befor. Maybe its excessive, but what the hell I say lol.

  118. Puggins says:

    Hey guys, been keeping up with this for a while now. Dave I had used your MMS settings, which worked wonders until I had to do a Hard Reset on the phone (I just had to go mess with root access and screw around too much). Well when going back into the APN settings, I somehow deleted all APNs and need to rebuild them manually. Is there anyway you think you could give me Tmobile US (I actually only need the MMSC, but I would really like to talk to you about what you have going on with APN settings).

  119. Dave says:

    @D, you have to change your apn for mms to work, use my settings here or click on my name for quick access to the settings.

    @Eric, leave the MNC untouched don’t change it from what it is.

    As far as the crazy bill that was because he was data roaming,you don’t have to worry about that as long as your in the US or Tmobile coverage area, if you do plan on going out of the country be sure to call tmobile so they can set you.

    @puggins, the MMSC is….

    you say you deleted all of the APN’s ?? LOL, how did you do that one?

    Anyways keep me posted I will check back in the morning and through out the day.

  120. Eric says:

    @ Dave
    Alright, I didn’t really think that it could be different but it was a thought. well I left the MNC at 260 and it still doesn’t work. I’m not sure why. When I have wifi on the EDGE symbol only pops up if I try to download an MMS file, but when I have wifi off its there the entire time but it still won’t download it. I checked with the app I have installed called netcounter and it says that data has been transmitted but its not a lot. So I’m not really sure what’s wrong. I’ve triple checked the APN settings and they’re right. Do you have any idea of what could be wrong?

  121. Dave says:

    Where are you located ? and yes when on wifi E doesn’t show up unless it’s downloading something, DO you have the app Save SMS (or MMS) ? if not get it I don’t know if that helps.

    I do know there is a few apps out there the screw up network settings Like AnyCut Hurt me and I had to do a hard reset.

    if it helps or you wanna try my MCC is 310 and MNC is 260… for some reason though I think in the US we are all the same how ever…..

    Just had something pop in my head..LOL

    Change each tmobile US APN’s one at a time…i.e

    You already changed Tmobile US now try to change the Tmobile US 160, then reboot and try the MMS give it a few minutes before you try.

    If that one don’t work then move on to the next one and repeat the same steps..

    Just a shot in the dark but I think it is a great chance that is what it is. Because these are location sensitive your phone knows what one to use but we don’t and if your manually changing it, your going to have to change the right one.

    Please keep in mind this just popped in my head as I am typing so is something don’t make since please ask.

    If this works I’m going to kick my self in the butt for not thinking of it sooner,LOL

    EDIT!!!! Instead of changing each APN just change the MNC on the Tmobile US….you may not have to reboot the phone I just always suggest it because your changing important settings.

    The MCC is always 310 however the MNC is the one that is different

    i.e The Tmobile 160 MNC is 160

    So in Tmobile US you can change it to 160 instead of 260

    If this works it’s going to be crazy because I think in 2005 all big cell phone companies merged all MNC into one and Tmobiles, is suppose to be 260. So if they are still kicking and working I will be in total shock and it could be a great find!

  122. Eric says:

    @ Dave
    First off I live int the subarbs of Chicago. I also already have Save MMS installed for a while now. It doesn’t do anyhing other then say one attatched file, click to save, but I’m assuming there is mothing to save because I can’t successfully download the program.

    So I tried changing all the MNC to all the other numbers that are available. None of them worked but I also dodnt reboot but I don’t think it matters because after I set it back to 260 the EDGE icon popped up right away again.

    I have a thought though. The fist idea you had to change every tmobile us apn made me think of it. When I originally set up the apn with the settings you posted, I created a new apn rather then changing the settings of an existing one. I don’t see why this should be any different than changing the settings but I don’t know if this could be the problem. Any thoughts?

    And thanks for helping me out with this problem. I love this phone and not having MMS to me is the one downside of not purchasing a data plan. Other than that its fabulous.

    UPDATE: It worked! I went back and deleted the APN I created and went to the original T-Mobile US and inputed the settings you provided. For some reason this seems to have been the trick.

    Woot woot. I’m really happy now haha.

    Thanks a lot Dave. You might want to add a not to your blog letting people know that the APN has to be changed rather then adding a new one so other people dont make the same mistake I did.

  123. Dave says:

    @eric, LOL I’m glad you got it to work…However I think My directions say to Change the tmobile US, Not to create a New One LOL,

    So if Diana is still dropping in and this is what you did, This could be your problem.

    I will edit my blog and put a memo in there not to create a new APN,LOL

    I never thought of asking that questions as the walk through I have says to go into “Tmobile US and input these settings”

    But good find and thanks for keeping everyone informed.

  124. Eric says:

    @ Dave
    Yeah, sorry. Just when I read it I just kind of thought that there wouldn’t be a difference if I changed an APN or just created a new one altogether. How wrong I was lol. Thanks for trying to walk me through a problem that was really just my stupidity haha.

  125. WOODHI says:

    Is anybody’s SMS or MMS askin to force close or wait.. i cant delete threads and anytime i get a txt it goes to that screen its quite annoying anybody know wha’ts up with that??

  126. Puggins says:

    @Woodhi, Do you have a lot of SMS’s? that was my problem. It took about an hour to delete the major thread.

    @Dave, I was playing with an APN editor and deleted all APN’s before I saved them.

  127. Jiang Yio says:

    Yeah WOODHI, I also think it’s because you’ve many messages. Deleting them would help… you could back them up if you want to keep them for some reason.

  128. Dave says:

    @Woodhi, stop texting so much!!!LOL delete some of the messages and dont let them build up so much….Make some room on your phone…

    Have you checked to see how much built in phone memory you have? might want to clean it up a little bit :)

    @Puggins, Did you get everything working again ?

    @eric, I’m still trying to figure out why the phone has all those APN’s anyways. They are all retired APN’s that are not used anymore and have been discontinued/merged in the 1.

    Back when cell phone companies started coming out the larger companies would buy them out and use their MNC for the service in that area.

    I know most of that don’t really mean much to anyone, but it just seems odd that they have them listed on a new device.

    If anyone wants to see a updated list of the MNC you can check this out..and you will see all companies are running on one code now.

  129. WOODHI says:

    @ Dave, Puggins, Jiang – thanks took forever to delete the threads and had to press wait like 10 times but finally got hat taken care off. any word on cupcake release cause its already feb.??

  130. Ash says:

    Hey Dave,
    Id just like to say THANK YOU for the settings for MMS to work on no data plans. And as an aside I have anycut (like diana) and I was able to get everything worked out properly. I did your settings with the apn, enabled the 2 check boxes for roaming and 2g networks, and went into anycut (testing) and enabled data. It worked !!!! I have a question though, how much would they charge me with data roaming on and MMS sent/recieve??

  131. Dave says:

    @ash, you can try to uncheck the data roaming box, it should work either way. But I know I cant be charge for data roaming cause the g1 I use for texting is on flex pay, and never had one problem with my bill. but you shouldn’t get and data roaming charges unless your out of the US or in way out in the woods or something, LOL.

    @woodhi,LOL you gotta keep up on that. I delete my threads as soon as they get close to 100.

    And I give up on waiting for the cupcake, LOL when it comes it comes…Once thing I will say is don’t listen to anything you read on google and blog as it seems there is just boosting traffic to their site.

    I would honestly say look for the update after or the same time the Market comes out of beta. I think it would make more since that way anyways. This is just my thoughts…Please don’t spread this on the web as a “FACT”…LOL

  132. Jiang Yio says:

    Hmm cupcake… does this look legit to you?

    It looks like an intermediate update before cupcake starts rolling in. This is 1.1; cupcake is 1.5.

  133. Dave says:

    umm…..Think the one from tmobile might be a better source… check this out.

  134. Jiang Yio says:

    Ah yes, thanks for the link =D

  135. puggins says:

    @dave well I got my phone working again. But I had to resort to doing a hard reset. Took the 90 cent hit and activated data for a couple hours.
    – side note here, you can avoid calling customer care by enabling/cancelling the data plan by going through your profile on the tmobile website. It takes 30 seconds and you don’t have to put up with the rep telling you for 5 minutes your phone isn’t going to work.

    But now that I’ve reset the phone I can’t get the MMS working. I’ve got all the settings right, and I’m having people send me pics left and right and not one of them is even getting to my inbox. The ones that were there already won’t let me download them. Not sure what the deal is with that but I’m working on why now

  136. Dave says:

    try making sure you have the data roam and 2g boxed check ( i think for some reason they both have to be checked to give the Server a Jump Start)… make sure you didn’t miss any little things in the APN like Periods ( . ) or any thing like that.

    Let us know how everything goes.

  137. puggins says:

    well with what i changed i somehow made it to where i can send them, but im still not recieving them. this is very strange indeed.

    Well I just received one. Apparently it works from my brother in law but my wife cany manage to send me one. Not sure what the deal is with that but hey its working now.

    Also when the E pops up, what does it mean when the arrows are moving through it. I’ve never gotten a straight answer out of tmobile.

  138. Dave says:

    it means the data is working, If you send a message out the arrow will start moving to upload your message to send, if your not sending messages and arrows are blinking then most likely it is downloading a MMS message, The E is for Edge (2g network)

  139. Buntas says:

    Hello all,

    Thank goodness I ran into this page. I’m even more excited to pick my new G1 tomorrow. I hope to share my experiences with this wonderful knowledge.

    Thank you Jiang for creating this post and Dave for being an android guru.

    Will post an update as soon as I successfully configure the G1.

  140. Chijioke says:

    Hey Guys, i think this is by far the most informative place i have been on the G1 issue.

    i have an unlocked G1 but i live in Nigeria. I am barely interested in WIFI but i need all the assistance i can get on using the wap/gprs function. I have my Zain SIM in it. i think the network recently upgraded to 3G but am not so sure.

    also, i can’t seem to sync the phone to my pc (HP Pavilion Entertainment/Vista Ulstimate).

    I really look forward to ur response and assistance

  141. Dave says:

    @Chijioke, who is your service through ? I Live in the US, but I will do some research, or you can go check out this page and tell me if this helps you.

    @Buntas, Thanks, but I am far from a “guru” LOL.

  142. puggins says:

    Well today while playing with my apn settings and not really knowing what I was doing, I opened up the browser to check something and my windows all started reloading. This wasn’t that out of the ordinary until I realized I was out of range of any WiFi networks. This free data only worked for about 10 minutes and then just as suddenly as it was working it was not.

  143. Jiang Yio says:

    Puggins, you’re sure that wasn’t the cache, right?

    Hm interesting… the link to the RC30-RC33 update has been found! I am upgrading as I type. Here is the link for your enjoyment:
    And here’s how you’d use it:

  144. Dave says:

    @jiang, some questions:

    • will this make you go through setup again?
    • do you have to have root for this update?
    • is it worth the while getting this update?
  145. Jiang Yio says:

    Hey Dave… I just took a leap and applied the update not long ago. No, you don’t need root; the update makes you lose root, actually. No, it does not require setup. All applications and settings are retained.

    I’m playing around with voice search (it’s pretty good) and Latitude. The Market is now out of beta and gives update notifications; I’ve marked some 50 comments as spam. Is it worth it? For me, totally.

    JF should be done with the root patch by tonight if you want that, but I don’t.

  146. Dave says:

    okay last question: I’ve tried to download the file on the phone but it’s not working… so I guess I should download on the PC and copy to the SD card… then do bootloader?

  147. Jiang Yio says:

    By default, Android has no association with the zip filetype. You gotta have Download Crutch or the latest Linda File Manager to download it. Then just follow the instructions.

  148. Dave says:

    shows you how much time I spend on market and how many apps I use eh? lol Thanks

  149. Jiang Yio says:

    Well, minimalism is good ^^

  150. Dave says:

    ok, so I download Crutch, then downloaded the file in ur link, all that worked, It says you have to rename the file to Is there a way to do this on the g1 or do you sync it to your pc and rename it there ? because when I try to reboot and get into bootloader and go to apply the update I keep getting error.

    Installing from sd card…
    finding update package…
    opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E: corrupt file:
    E:Verification failed
    Installation aborted.

  151. Jiang Yio says:

    You can rename and move files using Linda File Manager (which also has Crutch-like properties, so you can remove Crutch if you have Linda). The file needs to be named and moved to the SD’s root (not in the download directory).

  152. Dave says:

    ahhh sd root was what I needed…Thank you much, see im not a guru, and I also can be helped. :)

    Update: where is the SD root ???? LMAO what is it called

  153. Jiang Yio says:

    The root is the top-most directory on your card. In Linda, if you hit “SD Card,” that’s the first thing you see. You can then navigate into “download,” cut the file, go back, and paste it. Then rename the file to

    You don’t have to know everything to be a guru. The Internet knows everything ;p
    I’d love to hear how it goes. I’ve taken a heavy dose of the placebo effect so everything’s peachy for me so far LOL

  154. Dave says:

    Ain’t that the truth… LOL

    Update: woot woot!!!! updating right now
    Linda File Manager is way better than crutch, in case any of you do this. Also make note when you cut it from the download folder go back to the root of the SD card, press menu, then select paste.

  155. Jiang Yio says:

    Yar, Linda File Manager is pretty cool. I’d considered dumping it for Astro (that one supports backing up apk’s), but Astro is going paid =/

  156. Dave says:

    Ok so just a re-cap here everyone, If you want this update on your g1 here is what you do.

    1- Go to the market and download Linda File Manager

    2- Go to the Direct download Link the Jiang listed above, (you might get a error message when that page loads, Just refresh it, and you will see the download arrow on the top left corner of the screen)

    3-once you got the file downloaded,open the linda file manager and click the SD card, (when you click this a pop up box will appear select the Linda File Manager)

    4- once the sd card screen loads, scroll down to the Downloads folder and click that.

    5-Once in the downloads folder, scroll down you will see a file called PLAT-RC-33…..Long click it and a option list will pop up, scroll down to Rename.

    6-Rename the file

    7- once you rename it, long click it again and select Cut

    8- then hit the back button (the button the the left of the power button) this will bring you back to the SD Root.

    9- click the menu button, then select paste,( scroll down to make sure the file is in there)

    10 Power off you g1

    11- while the g1 is powered off Hold the Home button(DO NOT LET GO OF THIS BUTTON)and PRESS the power button for about 1 or 2 seconds, The phone should start to boot up.

    After the G1 screen goes away you will see a screen with a triangle on it,(you can now let go of the home button)

    12- once you let go of the home button, on your keyboard press ALT+l this will bring up a screen with yellow text.

    13- once in the screen with yellow text press ALT+S

    14- let the update install 100% and read the yellow text, when it says press Home+Back to reboot, Do so.

    15- It will be a kinda long/weird reboot but just bear with it and don’t panic, the phone will boot and you will have the new RC-33 update!!


    @Jiang if I left something out please ad it.

  157. Jiang Yio says:

    That looks good. Thanks for the very detailed post!

  158. Dave says:

    figured I would make it user friendly and noob proof!! LOL, it seems like its alot but its really simple, and not hard at all.

  159. Ace says:

    Hey guys i have the G1 and i dont have a data plan and so far it works fine but i wanted to know about the EDGE service. Sometimes when im not near a wifi spot it looks like its being used does that mean itll charge me extra cause its using that?

  160. Dave says:

    @ace, no it won’t charge you anything.

  161. Ace says:

    oh alright thanks dave i appreciate it =)

  162. Dave says:

    @Jiang, that was a great find!!!! ^5, been a great week for me I got me the new update on the g1 and modded my xbox 360 to play back up games and still play online, got myself 60 xbox 360 games now!!!!

  163. Jiang Yio says:

    No problem! The guys over at xda-developers found it, actually; I just wasted no time cross-posting the info ;p
    Wow, that’s a lot of games… the fun never ends lol.

  164. Dave says:

    yeah and to think I only spent as much as it would cost to buy 1 brand new game is even better! LOL

    xda is a great site on always on top of everything, I use to float on there when I had the older HTC phones.

  165. Dave says:

    Edit, xda is a great site on always on top of everything, I use to float on there when I had the older HTC phones.

  166. Erock says:

    Why can’t I get picture messaging on my G1 still? I have put the above setting changes for T-Mobile USA, restarted my phone, allow roaming, use only 2G, etc. Is there something I am missing? I do not want to buy the data plan, since I just use WIFI and its not needed, but picture messages coming from hot girls need to be seen! lol

  167. Dave says:

    Erock, I know there is a bunch of post here, if you already read through all of them and nothing worked, the please double check all your settings, also Make sure you DID NOT create a New APN and that you edited the Tmobile US APN.

    @ everyone else, on this page due to so many post I took Jiang’s and the XDA Dev teams find on the New RC-33 unpatched update and My noob friendly How To install it. it put it on another blog like I did the MMS setting’s.

    You can check it out here

    Let me know what everyone thinks.

  168. Jackie says:

    Ok. I understand the standard AIM uses SMS. I don’t have a data plan so I use wifi. When wifi is on, I can sign on the standard AIM that came with the G1. However, when wifi is off, I can’t sign on AIM. This is the message I get “Unable to sign in to AIM service. Please try again later. (Detail: Error code 302)”. Does that mean that the standard AIM must use some sort of internet connection just to sign on. That would be weird since my old phone, Motorola W490, could sign on AIM without internet access and also uses SMS to instant message someone.

  169. Dave says:

    @Jackie, I understand where your coming from, I don’t understand it myself, My wifes old razor can sign on AIM also but I have never been able to do it on my device’s…I also never tried to figure it out. but I will say the APN on the razor is the same is the setup I have here.

    ad I also can’t sign into aim when wifi is off.

    I will search it. and get back if i find something.

  170. jason says:

    Hi, im bout to buy the G1 but i don’t know how to activate without the data plan and i don’t have any friends with data plan sims. Is there any other way to activate my phone w/o the data plan?

    Also, if you guys can just comment on this…
    Does Tmobile “secretly” charge data usage like ATT does with their Iphone if you accidentally use data? or how does it all work?

    Your answers and comments are very well appreciated!

  171. Dave says:

    @ Jason, I if you don’t have data service on the g1 then your going to be able to access anything with data unless you have wifi on, So your answer to this question is no you won’t be charged nothing.

    Is for your other question, there is a few ways to doing this…

    1- you ad data service to you phone for 1 day and then cancel it, you can not do this if your flex pay or pre piad.

    2- you can do root access to your phone I do think there is a link somewhere on here to do that. this link can also be found at the top of the page.

    Everyone,Please read before posting, As there is already a bunch of repeat answers/questions on here.

    This answer I just gave is at the top of the page, before you even get to the comments.

  172. Z says:

    Hi I have been following these posts for awhile and have followed daves instructions to try to get my mms to work. I have entered everything and reset the phone and stiill cannot send the mms any help would be much appreciated.

  173. omee says:

    Dave I think u shud post the correct steps on how to do that again on this forum but the fixed ones. :D that would work.

  174. Dave says:

    @omee, just click on my name it will take you right to the setup

  175. G1 user w/o data plan says:

    System update to RC-33 w/o data plan. Last night, I about to go through all the steps above with Lin Manager to load the update. Then I decided to run “aTrackDog” app downloaded from the market. This app check for the latest revision for all download apps on your G1. It showed that there is no update. So I quit the app. Right after I quit the app. A message appeared on my G1 saying that there is a system update. You can either select OK or CANCEL. I hit OK. Immediately it went through the update process, which took about five minutes to complete. Afterward, I went to Settings-About phone-Build number to see that my phone has been update to RC33.

    You can check the new features of RC33 by look at the Google voice search symbol on the Google search screen.

    What I don’t know is this automatic update happened OTA on my G1 from T-mobile OR because I ran aTrackDog. Someone can try this on their phone if you have not got the new system update. Another thing is if you go to About phone menu, you will see a new option to run “System Update”, this was not available in the previous RC30. FYI, I never had or activated the data plan on my phone. I did borrow a data plan sim card to do the initial activation. The phone seems to working fine with all the old and new features. Thank GODS, I did not have to go through all the setup steps. GOOD LUCK………….

  176. yuu says:

    Same situation as G1 user w/o data plan updated to RC33 after downloading and uninstalling “aTracDog” on my phone, hopefully there is no strings attached. Also can anyone suggest a program i can use to read and write Chinese on my phone, all my music tittle on the phone is unreadable, the new updated added local options but only have united states listed, still no other countries available. Thanks…

  177. Jiang Yio says:

    The phone checks in once in a while with its IMEI code to see if an update is available, even without aTrackDog. For you to receive the update, Google has to have your IMEI on its whitelist. And then it’s a simple matter of fetching the file over WiFi, or any other data connection you happen to have. Thanks for confirming that automatic OTA updates are available to those without the data plan.

    @yuu: As for language support… Android has very good support for Unicode, a most popular standard for representing all human written languages. I can see Chinese tags in my music just fine, as well as browse Chinese websites. If you’re using Windows, that may be what’s making a big mess of things. Windows writes music tags not in Unicode but in some nonstandard encoding, making them difficult for other platforms to interpret correctly. Here’s a screenshot of Chinese tags working on my phone with no modifications whatsoever. I think you may want to fix your tags

  178. dennis says:

    hi everyone, new to the site. so i just got the g1 yesterday, i bought it unlocked and so a gmail account has already been created can i delete this account? i heard that i needed to do a factory reset, but if i do this will i have to reunlock it again?, and i live in canada so unlock it is a major problem thanks for the help

  179. Alex says:

    hey dave i followed your steps for the mms but it still says that the download was unavailable. How can I fix it.

    Thank You

  180. Fra says:

    Heyy I wanted to just confirm that the update works on a no data plan. I live in Italy and currently using a g1 with Vodafone, 2 days ago i was at a bus stop waiting for the bus, i caught a free wifi in the area and after a while that i was using the browser, the message for the update popped up. I clicked on later, because it wasn’t a good time at the moment. After half n hour it started the message popped up again, and it started doing the update

  181. Jiang Yio says:

    Thanks for letting us know. For me the update took only a few minutes so it was not much of a hassle.

    @dennis: you could perform a factory reset or you could just run the setup wizard again. Carrier-unlock is a one-time deal, so it is not affected by factory resets, updates, or anything else.

  182. G1 user w/o data plan says:

    Hi Dennis,

    I found this on an Android website to change gmail account w/o doing a factory reset. I did it when I got the phone and it worked.

    First: your gonna need a google account that’s set up with the proper “nickname” that you want (if you don’t already have one).

    Second: on your phone do the following at the home screen;

    press menu —> settings —> applications —> manage applications, you will get a message “Computing application sizes” then it will go to all apps installed on the phone.

    Third: scroll down to “Google Apps” and click it to enter it.

    Fouth: click on the “Clear data” button, you should get a black triangle with a white “exclamation point” (!) in it after a few seconds in the top left corner.

    Fifth: click the back button until you get back to your home screen.

    Lastly: pull down the notification menu and click on the message “Your account must be updated” Follow the onscreen instruction till you get to where it asks you to “create” or “sign in”, click “sign in” and enter YOUR google account info. You’ll get a message saying that you are signing in and it may take up to five minutes… then click “Finish”

  183. dennis says:

    hey ive done what u said but it doesnt say to update my account, it just says to login, but i cant change email adresses

  184. Jiang Yio says:

    Really? I just tried the setup wizard again (through any cut) and was able to input an email address.

  185. dennis says:

    nevermind i think i got it thanks a lot for the help

  186. knine says:

    Ive been reading through all of these and couldnt find anything that worked for me. i have a brand new g1 from out of the box and i put my sim in it and it wont work and i called but cant get tha g1 data plan added to my account untill next month due to being on a flex pay account….is there a way to get the phone activated before next month?

  187. paulwratt says:

    I though you might be interested (there were only 2 replies last time I was here), as I just found this


  188. Jiang Yio says:

    @knine: if you have RC29, you could use the hack presented on the xda-developers forum.

  189. Omar says:

    Hey guys, Ok so I am debating on getting a Samsung Behold or a G1, but I am not sure on which one to go for…and also, if I choose the G1 and I DO NOT want the data plan, I heard some applications may not work or function correctly, which is the only thing holding me back from getting the G1…can you give me some info on this please? i would highly appreciate it. THANKS!

  190. Michael says:

    HELP! i just got my G1 up and running without a data plan, and mangled the APNs to avoid data charges and now discovered I can’t send texts. I received one but when i try to reply it just gives me an error triangle and says message not sent.. Any thoughts?

  191. Dave says:

    @Michael, funny you say that because just about 2days ago, I started having the same problem, BUT only with AIM mobile….

    If someone sends me a message when I’m not on AIM it comes to my phone and I can respond, but the last 2days I have been getting the same error. It’s pretty weird.

    It seems to be when I update apps (not all but some) I start getting problems.

    as far as normal phone to phone text I am not having any problems.

    If I find a fix I will be sure to post.

    I have been so busy I haven’t even been messing with the phone or the net. But I am back around.


    @Omar, I have to be honest, I had the Behold before the G1 and I must say it is a great phone, I just like to have a keyboard other then a soft touch, but without having data the phone works great.

    The downfalls on the behold that I notice on the Behold, Only has soft touch keyboard, No wifi (the biggest downfall for me) if you can deal with those 2 things then I then either phone will do you good.

    There alot of benefits withthe G1 such as the market, the wifi, being able to get root access, open source…ect…ect…

    and there is of course downfalls, No flash, Lack of phone memory and can’t save apps to phone unless you have root access, battery life, if you don’t have data plan MMS is a pain at times unless you use the setup listed here…ect….ect…

    either way you look at it, it really depends on your taste and what you want.

  192. Michael says:

    Thanks for the quick reply Dave. I did the fix above, and this allows me to send mms picture messages but still cant do text messages. Do texts have anything to do with apn settings? Also, with the fix given above (altering the apn setting on Tmobile US) I have a pop up on the top of my phone that says that Edge is working. Is this charging me for data? all my plan has is unlimited texts of any kind and voice.

  193. G1 user w/o data plan says:

    Does anyone know for sure that the GPS and Google map won’t work if you don’t have a data plan, and if WiFi is not available at the time. The GPS on my G1 only worked when I am in the WiFi area. This mean that the GPS in the G1 is not a stand alone GPS device such as Garmin. Any suggestions on how to use the GPS or Google map with no data plan. The new Nav2 version does not include CA. And it seems that this non Market app also need WiFi to work. Thank you for your advice.

  194. Jiang Yio says:

    GPS works without a data plan; you can prove it to yourself using the Tricorder or GPS Status app. There is an older AndNav2 that does work in CA and there is a link to it on the website. AndNav2 works just fine without data if you have the map cached.

  195. Dave says:

    @Michael, you won’t be charged for a service you don’t have….as far as not being able to send text messages I have no clue, it could be something on T-mo end..

    you can call them and ask for g1/blackberry tech. and tell them the problem you are having. Make sure you tell them you don’t have data and you are running the WAP setup. most techs will still try to help, but you will still get the few that tell you “you have to have the data plan”. Just hang up and call back if you run into one of those techs.

    make sure you tell them you are running the WAP setup so you can send and rec. your SMS and MMS.

    Ahhh yes the GPS, I don’t use this feature at all due to crazy battery eating, but I do hear that all of thee above the Jiang said does work fine with out data service, infact I think that AndNav2 was made just for that reason.

  196. G1 user w/o data plan says:

    Thanks guys, but does the GPS worked alone with no WIFI connection. My G1 worked perfectly when I am connected to a WIFI network. But it did not load map, my location or street view w/o the WIFI. Thanks

  197. dipen says:

    hey, i tried changing my wireless control settings or w/e to fix my picture messeging problem but it still doesn’t work when i try clicking download when i get a picture messege, nothing happens, can someone help me please.

  198. New G1 User says:

    I got my G1 about three days ago, and I just wanted to say thanks to Dave and Jiang for their continued efforts and help aimed at clearing up any issues while using the G1 on a non-data plan.

    The settings you shared make this setup easy as can be. I had my G1 up and texting within like 5 minutes. Now, I did make the mistake of clearing the Google Email Account info, which locked my phone (Yes, dumb mistake) But it was easy enough to call TMobile, upgrade to a G1 data plan, register the phone, and cancel the plan. Simple.

    Now my G1 is back to sending/receiving texts, sending/receiving picture messages, sending/receiving phone calls, and all the other Market/GPS/Browser stuff works perfect as long as I’m near WiFi.

    To most anyone having trouble, I almost guarantee that you’re making the setup harder than it really is. Following the steps, exactly, as Dave put them up, should yield you a perfectly functioning phone.

    Again, Thanks Dave & Jiang for your help and efforts. This is hands down the best G1 thread I’ve read.

  199. Dave says:

    @New G1 User, I’m glad to hear the setup worked and your are enjoying your G1.

    I don’t know what or how anyone is doing this setup wrong, but Thanks for pointing out that it is simple to do.

    I am not being rude as I know this blog just past over 200 post!! WTG Jiang, but please anyone before asking a question make sure your answer is not already here.

    I will not answer questions that are already answered anymore.

    I think the instructions are as clear as they can be.

    @Jiang, thanks for the site.

    And remember everyone you can click on my name and go to a direct Blog where I posted the Setup for using the G1 without data.

  200. Michael says:

    Hey Dave, just wanted to say thanks for the help. I ended up just calling TMobile. The first representative lied and told me I needed to buy the data plan. I hung up and called back and got an awesome rep. She thanked me for being with Tmobile for 7 years and proceeded to fix my phone. (the phone # for the SMS center was wrong or something and she had to reset it). I just turned my phone off and took the battery out for a minute, and then it worked.

    Also TO ALL INTERESTED: this is probably posted above, but the easiest way to get your phone through the initial gmail set up phase is to use someone else’s sim card with a G1 data plan. Simple as that. Dont have to use the usb and hack the phone and dont have to worry about buying and then canceling a data plan. You just use their sim card, register your gmail, turn on wifi, then turn the phone off and put your sim back in.
    ***If youre like me and didnt know anyone with a G1, just look on craigslist for people talking about their G1, or make an ad yourself offering someone like $10 to use their sim. it takes like 5 minutes.

    good luck guys!

  201. Jiang Yio says:

    That’s actually a great idea. I haven’t thought of making a craigslist post.

    @Dave: lol thanks, I have gone through the comments and merged some more information into the body so readers’d have an easier time getting at the information. I’ve dropped you a link, if you don’t mind.

  202. Romone says:

    Ok, I’ve Done All Your Steps… But It Has Come To My Attention That I Cant Access The Apps? Or I Can’t Go Onto The Market Place… Is This Suppose To Be Like That..

    And Is There A Wait Time On Mms? Within Last 20Minutes I’ve Had Numerous People Send Pics With None Yet

  203. Jiang Yio says:

    By the apps do you mean the Market? Are you connected to a WiFi network and is there an error message? You can test network connectivity by using the browser.

    MMS is apparently a sorta-data-centric service, but these settings have worked for many people.

  204. Romone says:

    Ok, I’m Getting MMS, Real Slow… But Another Question About The Apps… None of The Apps Work.. The Market Doesnt Work…. Is There A Way To Get The Apps To Work Or..?

    Yes My WIFI is working… My Apps Arent Working Facebook/Myspace/Weather… Facebook/Weather Apps.. Just LOAD White Blank Screen… Myspace App Loads But Won’t Let Me Login.. When I click Market It says

    “A Server eerror has occurred. Retry, Or Camcel and return to the previous screen” Please Help Me :)

    edit: The Apps are working now DUH… My Wifi Was On But Wasn’t Connected :) Thanks For ALL THE HELP i really think i love you and dave quick responses… if i had any further problems i will comment

  205. Jiang Yio says:

    Hey, the Market app says that when it has trouble logging in with your Google account. This can happen when you’re offline or if somehow your account settings are incorrect. You can try rebooting your phone or launching the Setup Wizard using Any Cut (if you have it).

    Since you have some applications installed, you have accessed the Market before? Did you do anything interesting afterwards that?

    edit: Well, it’s good to know that it’s working for you now!

  206. Peter says:

    Hello All,
    Is there any app that alows us to get yahoo or gmail using the sms gateway insted of the data plan. I have unlimted sms on plan, and I am looking to see if it is possible to get email on the on new G1. I use to get this on my old samsung phone.

    Thank you.

  207. David K says:

    So im just planning on getting a G1 and canceling the data plan. But to be clear, everything still works on the G1 without the data plan which includes the market, text messaging, etc. correct?

  208. Michael says:

    Hey David K,
    Yes, despite everything Tmobile will tell you, the phone works fine. Apps, texts, everything. For the market and browser and some apps you might need to turn on wireless, but the basic phone functions work all the time. If you see my post above, I didn’t pay for the G1 plan, but rather used someone else’s sim card for the initial set up. This may be easier for me because I am in school and around a lot of people (easier to find a G1). If you get it through tmobile though and not off ebay or something, it may just be easier to cancel the plan. The only problem I had initially was sending texts, but when I called Tmobile they just reset my sms line or something. Overall, its a great phone and you don’t need the data plan!

  209. Dave says:

    @David K, as michael everything works fine, the only thing you may have to do is use my setup on the phone, you can get a direct link to this setup by clicking on my name right beside the G1 picture if you have any problems doing this just read through the post here as I am sure all answer are here.

  210. David K says:

    Great! I really appreciate all the help. I am looking forward to getting my G1 soon. Thanks again

  211. G1 user w/o data plan says:

    Does anyone know or try to see if the G1 supports 16G SDHC memory? Thank you.

  212. G1 user w/o data plan says:

    I heard the G1 is exactly the same as the Developer G1 phone which support up to 16G memory. Just wonder if anyone actually tried it out.

  213. kevin perales says:


    i put these settings on:

    Name = T-Mobile US
    APN =
    Proxy =
    Port= 8080
    Username= None
    Password = None (delete the 4 digit PW that is there)
    Server = Not set (also delete the 1 digit PW there)
    MMSC = Unchanged (do not change it)
    MMS proxy =
    MMS port = 8080

    .. and it said at the top .. There is a problem communicating with the servers.

    this could be temporary prob. or your sim card may not be provisoned for the date services. if it continues, call customer care.

    i called and they said i need date plan… i got wifi in my house..


  214. Mike says:

    Ok, so once I activate data plan, get past the startup screen, call T-mobile to deactivate data plan, how do I permanently restrict data access/any other harmful service that will charge me a lot of money? Thanks in advance

  215. Mike says:

    also, though it hasn’t been said explicitly, but do you need to be in WiFi range to make/receive phone calls?

  216. Chris says:

    I have the same question as Mike about restricting the data access.

    How do I set it so that the phone only connects to Wi-Fi?

    Thanks, and thanks for all the past info guys, it has been really helpful. :)

  217. Dave says:

    @G1 User w/out data plan, At this time I don’t thing it will support a 16gb card. I think 8gb is the max.

    @ Kevin perales, you have to be connected to wifi for the browser to work. If you are connected to WiFi and it is not working, Please try to trouble shoot your settings.

    @Mike, If you canceled the data service then you have restricted it. T-Mobile can’t charge you for a service you don’t have.

    @ Everyone else who is wanting to restrict data.

    If you cancel the service you cannot be charged for it.

    If it is canceled. try to load a web page with out being connected to wifi and you will get a server error.

    Even if tmobile does charge you for data you can easily fight it off your bill (But as stated above) How can Tmobile charge you for something you don’t have ? They Can’t.

    And please remember when using my setting in the APN you will see the edge Icon appear as if it is using data. Don’t panic and don’t get scared it does that. and your not going to be charged for anything. if your not on WiFi then the Edge Icon will appear and yyes you will see the data arrows moving like there is activity going on. But it is fine!

    Hope this helped you all.

    Also No wifi is only for internet market and apps the need internet access. As for as phone calls and any other phone feature, they all work great with out any problems.

  218. Mike says:

    Thank you for responding and for the info Dave. Great and helpful page!

  219. Sonic says:

    Man, this is awesome… I’ve heard so many different things, a T-Mobile rep even said it doesn’t work without the data plan. I was planning on getting one anyway, and hoping it worked… this is pretty much just sweet (rather, salty =D) confirmation.

  220. Jiang Yio says:

    Yep Sonic, it works. And all T-Mobile reps claim that the G1 does not work without the data plan… it’s what they’ve been instructed to say.

  221. Sonic says:

    Gotta love how it’s a business practice to lie to customers…
    Anyhow, have you been able to test JesusFreke’s instructions for activating via ADB? It’d be convenient for if one had to factory reset.

  222. Sonic says:

    @G1 User w/o: Check this link:
    I think it’s a legitimate source, and I just googled it and found a bunch of other stuff like it. Hope it helps!

  223. G1 user w/o data plan says:

    Thank you Dave & Sonic for the info on the 16G SD.

    Here is the tip to keep the free apps on your phone. Market has started charging fee for old and new apps. Sometime they ask you to update the old free apps. If you update w/o reading, you might update the trial version which will expire eventually. Use “Astro” or “AppManager” to save all the apps on your phone to the phone’s SD card. From there you can use either these two apps or “app installer” to reinstall the apps if you have to do a hard reset on your phone and the apps are no longer free.

    Another advantage is it’s like an app backup to your SD. After backed up you can uninstall it to save phone memory and install it when you need it. Remember apps are not free forever. Hope this tip help………

  224. Jiang Yio says:

    I have not tested JF’s process, since I don’t have root access on my phone.

  225. Sonic says:

    Ah. That’s probably one of the first things I’ll do after I get mine.
    One more thing: whe you first bought your phone, did you have to get the data plan with it? And, if so, how hard was it to cancel said data plan?

  226. Jiang Yio says:

    No, I did not get the data plan because I didn’t know I had to have it. When I found out that it wouldn’t activate, then I called them up to activate and remove the plan. It was pretty painless, but you gotta insist.

    As for root access… I have Linux root on my laptop anyway and I’d like this phone to work for sure =p

  227. Sonic says:

    Wait, they let you buy it for $180 without the data plan? Or did you pay the full $400 for it?
    Actually, I’d root it for the guarantee of it working – I especially like the idea of having Debian running on it. I’m really hoping to be able to run something like NavIt on it – so I’ll have a phone that can double as a GPS, mp3 player, and pretty much anything.

  228. Sonic says:

    Er, sorry, that link should’ve been, not

  229. nancy says:

    Well, I made the jump and got a G1 on Monday, had the data plan added when I was at the store. I was playing around with it and today decided it’s time to take the data plan off.

    I just went online to t-mo, logged in to my account, and did a change service and removed it. I didn’t even have to talk to customer service. That was at 12:00pm EST. As of 4:00pm EST I’m still able to open the browser and surf the net.

    My question is… if the service is removed, why can I still access the internet? and if it’s just a timing issue, will I get an error if I try to access the internet?

    So far, I’m pretty happy with this phone. It’s pretty slick.

  230. Jiang Yio says:

    Nancy, if you have a 3G or E emblem on your notification bar, then that means you’re using either 3G or EDGE, respectively (unless you’ve applied Dave’s MMS hack, which apparently gives you the E emblem). Otherwise, you might be on WiFi.

    Yes, if you do not have the data plan and you try to browse the Web over 3G/EDGE you’d get an error message from T-Mobile. It is different from say, a connection-not-available message.

    @Sonic: Yep… paid $400. Yes, Debian is slick. If they could port Aircrack-ng to it I’d root my phone in a jiffy :)

  231. nancy says:

    thanks… I do have the 3G and E on the notification bar when I was surfing. I think t-mo just hasn’t caught up between my request and actually turning off the service on the phone.

    I’ll just check in a day or 2.

  232. Jiang Yio says:

    Perhaps you should call them up. I recall I was not able to remove the service online.

  233. Sonic says:

    Nancy: Let us know how it goes. Also, good luck!
    Jiang: Yeah, aircrack on it would be epic. Can you imagine how quickly you could convince someone to switch to WPA2 if you showed them how you could crack their wifi in 10 minutes with a cellphone?

  234. Subbu says:

    Hi all,

    I upgraded from Dash to G1 5 days ago and all was exciting till I had data plan with old sim card. Now I removed data and am connected over Wifi (tried 2 networks) and cannot go to Internet, see emails or go to Android Market. I did not have T-Zones or multimedia messaging before. The 3G icon only appears when I am not connected over Wiki. Any ideas? Do I need the do steps mentioned by Dave towards top of this post? If yes, would it be okay even if I did not have any messaging or data plan before. Many thanks in advance.

  235. Jiang Yio says:

    Are the WiFi networks in question connected to the Internet?

  236. David K says:

    so i have a question, i bought a G1, got the data plan signed in and all is good. Then i switched and used my tmobile sim card that was a prepaid and the phone still works, but there is a error at the top that says it will not “sign-in/sync error”. Why is this?, but i can get on the Internet still, not market tho.
    and how do i get my phone to work when i cancel the data plan? thanks

  237. Jiang Yio says:

    David, tap that notification icon — you need to activate/login again after switching SIM cards; it’s a security feature. You can do this over WiFi.

    Market access is tied to your Google account, so you would not be able to use the Market without logging in.

  238. David K says:

    it won’t let me log in. it says authentication but it comes up with an network error.what should i do?

  239. Jiang Yio says:

    Network error means that you have no Internet connection. Is your phone associated with a WiFi network that has a connection to the Internet?

  240. David K says:

    i turned my wi-fi on and i can get on the browser however there is still an error authenticating the password on the gmail mail account.

  241. Jiang Yio says:

    … which is why you need to activate your phone. Slide down your notification panel and tap that error item to get started.

  242. E-MAN says:

    hey, I visited your website for the first time yesterday and read most of the comments but Im still in doubt about one thing:

    Ok so I have an unlocked G1, I am currently using an At&t sim card for which I don’t have data, how can I stop it from accessing data? I say this because when I first activated it, it used data to connect to my gmail account.

    I have turned off data roaming and auto sync.

    Wi-fi is free and almost everywhere so yea…hope you guys can help me, thanks in advance.

  243. Jiang Yio says:

    Hey, you could get APNdroid off the market and use it to mangle your APN’s. This’d effectively disable data access.

    The first time you activate, it has to be over 3G or EDGE or what have you… unless you’re using JF’s trick.

  244. Dave says:

    Hey everyone I am back…..Sorry I am doing with out a g1 and moved onto a storm….However I will still help you guys out and stop in here often.

    First thing First.
    @E-MAN, I have said this tons of times….. your phone carrier can not charge you for a service you do not have….However if you don’t trust them…Then call them up and have them BLOCK the DATA Service.

    Then when that is done click on my Green Name beside the G1 picture and use the AT&T setting listed there… If your not worried about getting picture messages and what not through SMS and MMS then leave you phone as it is.

    Regardless though if you get a shocking phone bill for a service you don’t have a 15minute phone call to your carrier should FIX that bill.

    And no matter what you do with the phone the data Icons i.e the E and the 3G icon will show you it is transmitting data (usually trying to sync your gmail and what ever else apps your phone is set to AutoSync.

    So you can go into your sync setting on the phone and uncheck all sync Apps if it makes you feel any better. But if you don’t have data service with the phone nothing should sync unless your on wifi regardless if your Edge or 3G icons are showing you other wise.

    Ahhh I love the lovely LARGE POST!!!!!

  245. E-Man says:

    Thanks to both for your help!!!

  246. JackieT says:

    Hi Dave, i read one of the reader’s post about instant messaging without the data plan, did you have a chance to research about it? if there is a way to log in AIM or Yahoo messenger without the plan? as with also with me, i can log to these IMs on my old nokia without internet plan but cant with G1. any help would be appreciated.

  247. Dave says:

    @jackieT, no I never figured out how to do it, but here is the thing…

    AIM on your older phones runs off of WAP GSM,as to the AIM on the G1 runs on GPRS.

    So what you need is someone who makes apps for the G1 to make a AIM app the runs on WAP GSM, I have put in a request to the dev team who made HI AIM app, and they said they was going to work on it.

    I also linked them to this page to see how many people used the G1 without data….as far as their progress goes I have no clue

  248. nelson says:

    i just got my g1 and i activated it using the tips here and its been working fine but the only problem i have is the mms i get many from friends but when i click download it doesnt do anything or it says could not download. i really dont know what to do in order to fix this problem. if anyone has any tips please let me know. thanks for the help

  249. Rob says:

    Hey Dave! very nice of you to help out everyone….
    My question is do i need to apply your setup in order for the phone to work without the data plan? i want my text messages to work and be able to send pics or receive pics. Thank you for your help!


  250. Jiang Yio says:

    Indeed; Dave’s settings allow MMS to work. SMS should work without any changes.

    @nelson: these settings may help you too.

  251. nelson says:

    @jiang and dave thanks for the info i made a mistake in the apn. but now my aim,msn,and yahoo dont connect it give me an error message saying “unable to sign in to the msn service. please try again later. (detail: sorry the phone number can not be read from your sim card. please contact your operator for help)” do i need to contact tmobile about this or is there any way i can fix this thanks alot.

  252. nelson says:

    Hi everyone once again I’m writing about my g1. I’m still having probs with the I’m and now I am currently experiencing my phone shutting off by itself which I then have to pull out the battery to restart it. I guess I have bad luck with this phone. Any ideas why it may be happening, if not my last resort is to get rid or it. Thanks for the help

  253. nelson says:

    Hi everyone once again I’m writing about my g1. I’m still having probs with the I’m and now I am currently experiencing my phone shutting off by itself which I then have to pull out the battery to restart it. I guess I have bad luck with this phone. Any ideas why it may be happening, if not my last resort is to get rid or it. Thanks for the help..

  254. usman says:

    My mms messaging worked with the tweak you guys posted however it just stopped now…any suggestions?

  255. Eric says:

    hey Dave. I got my g1 about a month ago and applied ur apn settings to receive mms. i tested it and it worked. but now, it has stopped working. i get the “download” link, but when i try to download the mms, it wont. ive double checked my apn settings and theyre all the same as your setup. any suggestions? thanks!!

  256. brent says:

    Hey Dave, I appreciate all the information you have posted here. I was trying to get MMS to work without a data plan. I followed the steps you posted and now I can send MMS, but not receive them. I can’t receive them from anyone. Its weird. Any ideas?

  257. Eric says:

    hmm…seems im not the only with with this problem lol

  258. Jiang Yio says:

    This is interesting. Perhaps T-mobile closed a loophole. MMS is really a data-centric protocol, so I was surprised that it worked at all. Eric, the download link is the SMS notifying you where the MMS is; I don’t think you could get this off WiFi either because it might be local to the T-mobile network.

    Though… I am not sure myself because I email instead of text.

  259. Eric says:

    does anyone that doesnt have data plan have their MMS working?

  260. WOODHI says:

    Eric my mms works find and I do NOT have a data. I followed the steps and yeah I use to read this thread a lot haha i just came back to visit

  261. Dave says:

    hey guys, sorry been busy.

    Ok for those of you having problems with MMS, I had the same problem a while back and had to reset my phone.

    I no longer have a G1 cus I can’t live with out having flash on my phones.

    However here is what I think the problem is.
    The G1 is a GPRS phone to where my setting make it run on GSM.

    All the apps on them market are build for GPRS and can change your GSM settings and it will not show you where it changed it.

    So if your downloading Apps that say they change your data settings this will in Due time cause conflict. and the only way I seem to get around was factory reset.

    Doing a factory reset can be a pain if you don’t have root access, a friend with data service or your not able to ad the data service to ur plan to get you back up and running.

    Having said that, sorry to here everyone is having problems and I would suggest you guy watch what apps you download or just pay for the data service on the phone.

    I will go pick up another G1 this week and mess around with it and post back to let you guys know what else I can come up with.

    If there is anyone else in here that MY SETTINGS are still working with no problems can you please post and let everyone know it still works.

  262. Dave says:

    HEY WHOODI!!! I remember you, glad to here everything is still working for you…kind of funny you posted like 5mins for me.

    I was just sitting here thinking man let me stop in and check up on all the G1 peeps.

  263. Eric says:

    Thanks Dave. =) will be anxiously awaiting any progress you might come by. I’ve rechecked my APN settings with yours about 100 times lol.

  264. Dave says:

    @Eric, Like I said your best bet would be to find a way to reset the phone, The APN will look like nothing has changed but some where and some how the data settings are changed with a app you used from the market.

    Once you reset the phone just re-enter my APN settings.

    I had a buddy of mine use them settings today on his G1 without data and he is so happy now he can send and Rec MMS messages. even offered to pay me.

    So I know it is still working. And I know tmobile is not going to do without their WAP settings as it would make them either gave away phones for free or customers leave and go to a new company.

  265. Dave says:

    Also@eric, I also wanted to point out that any of your IM clients on the G1 will not work using my setting or if you don’t have data.

    I think we have talked about here on this blog and I explained why.

    But just to fill you in it goes back to the whole GPRS and WAP GSM thing.

    All apps made for the G1 are made for only GPRS (and you either have to have data service or wifi running for them to work)

    Once you input my setting your G1 now is running on WAP GSM, and the Messenger Clients will not work unless your on Wifi. Maybe look into the Hi AIM app if it’s still on the market. I use to connect to wifi sign onto it then disconnect from wifi and it would stay on and work 100%

    I don’t know when I will be stopping back in but if you guys post on my blog and post comment. maybe say something “Hey dave check inportB I have a question for you” I will stop over here and see if I can help.

    To go to my blog just click on my name right beside the picture.

    Thanks, and hope I cleared up a few things for you all. :D

  266. WOODHI says:

    Hey guys remember in the beginning I had an issues with my wifi and it kept disconnecting?? well it seem that the g1 has problems with routers that use mimo. All i had to do was switch my router over to G only. So if others are having that issue that might be one solution

  267. WOODHI says:

    @ DAVE

    well everything was working great till today… For some reason my mms just stopped sms still works just not mms .. anybody with any ideas

  268. Romone says:

    @ Dave

    I No Longer can Get MMS It’s been working fine up into a couple of days ago.. i can’t send or recieve MMS i’ve double checked settings everything is what is is suppose too be is it that T-Mobile Stopped It? Am I Only One Having This Problem Help Please

    As i Stated Before I Used these Settings They Worked Fine Up Into A 3-4days Ago I Can’t Download MMS or Send Please Help Me

    Same Problem As Post Above Me, am i really going to have to factory reset?

  269. Dave says:

    Well guys I’m starting to think maybe they are closing up the WAP APN from working on the G1.

    I really have no clue but I will try to dig up some info and see what I can come up with.

    Has anyone tried to do a factory reset to see if that fixed the problem? If so can you please confirm.

    at this point and time I’m sorry and I really can’t say what is causing the problem.

    But really if Tmobile closes WAP APN they are going to lose a boat load of business from long time customers, as most of them still use phones like moto razor and such that run on WAP.


  270. Romone says:

    Was Really Trying To Avoid a Reset… But I Surely Will In Acouple Hours and I Will Re-Apply all the settings.. i will post and let you know

  271. WOODHI says:

    @Romone yeah It is the same problem for I cant send out MMS either. I was going to do a Factory Reset but i cant remember how I did the whole rooting so Im looking into that.

    The funny thing is that like it says u have a Picture message and when I hit download.. it says unable to download

  272. New G1 User says:

    I figured I would chime in as well. I got my G1 and used Dave’s settings on Feb 22nd.

    MMS has worked without a hitch, for the most part. But two days ago the MMS has stopped working, sending and receiving. I know no APN settings were manually changed, so what Dave said makes sense.. Apps changing the settings.

    Anywho, you guys aren’t alone in experiencing this problem. If someone does a factory reset, and gets their phone to work.. please post back. I’ll give it a few more days, but if there’s no solid resolution found, I’ll have to add the G1 Data Plan back to my account and do a reset and see what we can figure out.

    Thanks for everyone’s help so far, it’s much appreciated.

  273. WOODHI says:

    Well im pretty stuck now. I downgraded the phone to the rc 29 build to get root access but i dont remember how to create a adb shell on my mac. So now im stuck at the activation screen… HAHA back to square 1

  274. WOODHI says:

    well my adventures have failed. I have a slight feeling that the program could be atrackdog that is causing the mms to go down.(even tho i dont think it is atrackdog)

    so tonight i downgraded back to rc 29 to root to factory reset. After i had gotten past the activation and set it all up It seemed that i could send MMS.

    As i tried to get back to the RC – 33 build I downloaded a few apps. The only app that access the internet was Atrackdog.
    I cant seem to get back to the rc 33 build im stuck at rc 30.

    yep any ideas??
    With that being said.. having no MMS is going to kill me

  275. WOODHI says:

    Strange turn of events my mms is working now i sent and recieved one.

  276. Jiang Yio says:

    @WOODHI: I’m glad you got the activation figured out. I was also able to get an adb shell without much fuss on Ubuntu. That said, I have found that cupcake is very friendly to those who do not have data… you could skip activation until you could enable your WiFi connection.

    @Dave: Greetings! What phone are you using now? Yeah, having no Flash support is a bummer, but I do only light browsing anyway on my phone :)

  277. Romone says:


    MMS Working now I Didn’t Have To Reset

    It justStarted owrking all of a sudden

  278. Jiang Yio says:

    That’s interesting. Were there any setting changes?

  279. New G1 User says:

    My MMS also started working today.. Last night I was messing around in Application Manager, looking at the apps that I had downloaded. I actually deleted Save SMS, since the Android update added a Save-Attachment function.

    After that, I turned my phone off for the night. After turning it on today, all of the sudden, it is sending and receiving MMS.

    I have no idea if it was related to me deleting Save SMS or not, seeing that other people here have theirs up and working also…

    But I thought of one thing. Anyone having this issue should list all of the downloaded apps from the Market.. maybe we can find a common trend that is giving us this issue?

    Mine are as follows:
    -Linda File Manager
    -Save SMS (Deleted Currently)

    Odd problem for sure.

  280. New G1 User says:

    Er I meant the program named Save MMS, apologies.

  281. Dave says:

    @Jiang, How are you ? I’m am using the Blackberry storm now.

    @everyone else with the MMS problems, here is another thought as I went out and got my another G1 just to see if I could figure any of this out and be a help to everyone as I was when I posted my setup.

    Let me start by saying this I got this G1 on April 26th 2009 (this is now my thrid G1, and I will keep it in the drawer till someone else has a problem.LOL.) I activated the G1 and then input my setup and all was fine. Not one problem.

    While I was playing with the new Metal Detector APP, I was sitting there thinking. If it ain’t the apps you have on your phone that messes up the MMS(which I still think that it is a good thought.) MAYBE it’s Tmobile is ready to release another update and they are prepin their servers for it. PLEASE DON’T QUOTE ME ON THIS AND I HAVEN’T SEARCHED TO SEE IF THERE WAS RUMORS SAYING THERE IS ONE COMING OUT. AND LETS NOT START RUMORS SAYING THERE IS ONE.

    Here is why I think this, the first and only time my phone acted up was about 1 week before the official Over The Air update came out for the RC33 build.

    Now, please remember I don’t work with Tmobile or have any ties with Tmobile in any way shape or form.

    I’m just a guy who likes small electronics and likes to experiment with them.

    I have said this before and please remember this. Tmobile will never do with out the Wap.voicestream APN only because all the older phones run on it. It could change to something else but it will never be gone as that will leave tmobile with A LOT of upset customers and could cause them to have to give out alot of free phones or lose a shit-ton of customers.

    Also @ New G1 user.First I want to say hello and glad to see you still pop in here. I think what you suggested it a GREAT IDEAL, everyone who had this MMS problem please post all the APPS you have on your phone.

    then maybe we can come up with system from there.

    But lets now leave out Server Maintenance (Server Maintenance,just now popped in my add as I was typing this and could be a very good possibility ), OTA Updates or any other crap Tmobile does.

    Thanks and hope you all enjoy reading my super long post!!! :)

    Update: ^^^ WOW!,I really did type a lot, haha Sorry!!!

  282. WOODHI says:

    my mms isnt working again- im not doing a reset again

    after the reset i only downloaded

    ak notepad
    rings extended
    ruger sr9
    save mms(i couldnt update to the rc33 so i needed this)
    the schwartz unlsheathed(lightsaber)

  283. Dave says:

    @Woodhi, you can manually update to the RC33 build thanks for Jiangs find a while back.

    My MMS is still working on the g1 i picked up the other day and I don’t have any apps on it.

  284. WOODHI says:

    @ Dave

    Thanks for the link man that help me alot… I think the other times I did it my mac created an odd Zip file where as when I used linda file manager it zip it the right way.

    And this morning my MMS started to work again so I have no idea what is causing it to go on and off

  285. Edward says:

    My biggest question is that are those people who have data plan, are they having the same mms problem? and are those people using these APN settings on a non G1 phone having the same problems… I dont see what can be so different for mms between those with data and those w/o data besides the settings… the data plan shouldnt be needed to download a mms but yet everyone without data is seemingly having the same problems with mms around the same date… something doesnt sound right… I hope Dave is right because my MMS hasnt been working for about 3-4 weeks now and I deleted any program that I downloaded in that time…

    I really dont want to hard reset, that Is my very last option

  286. Dave says:

    @Edward, Deleting Apps is not going to remove the settings it changed in your device. and there is always traces going to be left behind.

    @Whoodhi, please thank Jiang/XDA Dev team for that info, there was just so many comments on here that I made a Noob friendly walk through for everyone.

    I am really starting to think it is not the Apps, and it is something on tmo’s end maybe updating server’s, maybe changing their MMS APN, I don’t know, but I am pretty sure it is nothing to do with the APPS if it is effecting everyone.

    the first time I had this problem there was only a very few of people using my setup and no one else claim to have the problem. and I never really looked into it because I did a factory reset and everything worked perfect till the day I sold my G1.

    Also please note that the G1 I just got on the 26th is still working fine with all MMS and I have done sent and received over 150 MMS since the 26th. LOL. I also have not put any apps on the phone except the Metal Detector App, as I always am dropping little screws from computer repairs :).

  287. Edward says:


    Is there any way you can check your mms APN on your blackberry storm to see if T-Mo changed the wap.voicestream? I have a pearl too and I tried to find it but I couldnt… also do you think you are going to come back to the G1 when the cupcake comes out? btw does anyone know when that is going to be i really need wpa2 support because my school just switched over to that


  288. Dave says:

    @Woodhi, you should still be able to get the update over the air unless you have root access.

    I will do some digging and see if I can’t find a manual update and make a walk through.

    @Edward, from the look of the features in cupcake, No I don’t think I am going to start using it again. if the phone don’t have flash I really have no use for it. I can’t log onto my work site or anything without having flash so that is why it is such a issue for me.

  289. WOODHI says:

    @Dave apparently I heard cupcake is just out in the UK right now

  290. Dave says:

    @Woodhi, if you have root and know a little bit you can have the cupcake on your GI right now.

    Check this out…

    tell me what your think.

  291. Edward says:

    Also only developers in the US are getting the OTA update thus far… T-MO is sending cupcakes throughout this month.. So i guess we just have to wait.. I hope I get my MMS after they finish sending these out because this is rediculous, I really need MMS back

  292. Dave says:

    tell me what you* think….from reading it it says only Dev phones, but from what I was reading looks like all you have to have is root, I may be wrong though.

    Also check out this walk through –

  293. Luna says:

    I am at a loss… My MMS (with the above settings stopped working 4 days ago, I didn’t change anything… and now I can’t SEND any MMS msg OR any regular TEXT MESSAGE. I can recieve a TEXT msg, but not even send a regular text msg anymore. I have double checked the settings, but I don’t want to reset as I don’t have data plan! Any suggestions?

  294. Dave says:

    Well here is the funny thing, As I stated before MAYBE THERE WAS A UPDATE COMING OUT, and tmo was was doing the server maintenanc, well that looks to be the case as Tmo is suppose to be pushing out the Cupcake update.

    If its nothing to do with the cupcake update maybe it is just a server problem on their end, however they are not going to tell you that because you are suppose to have data service on your G1.

    But here is what I say…

    Wait it out for a few more days or so and let them push out their update.

    Get the data service if you can’t live with out MMS for a Few days.

    Or get a phone that works of GSM.

    I can still say that the G1 I picked up on the 26th is still working with all MMS not one problem. my current count is at 226 sent and received MMS since the 26th of April.

  295. Kong says:

    Hey everyone. Just picked up an unlocked G1 from a friend and having a couple problems with it. I’m using it on At&t and was wondering if there is any way I can access the marketplace to get some apps?

  296. Jiang Yio says:

    As long as you could login to Google, you could get apps off the Market. Are you having trouble activating your phone?

    @Dave: Yeah, this Flash support is certainly taking a bit too long; I guess this means iPhone is also out of the question.

    @Woodhi: If you want, there’re a couple of unofficial ADP 1.5 systems that you could flash onto your phone right now; you’d have to root your phone for this, though.

  297. Kong says:

    @Jiang: No I have activated, just having trouble getting mms and to the market.

  298. Jiang Yio says:

    Are you able to get Gmail service and whatnot? Market is, like Gmail, tied to your Google account. Do you get an error when you try launching the Market app?

    As far as MMS goes, the situation is somewhat muddy right now, but I have a feeling that T-mobile may have changed some settings; I do not use MMS myself, so unfortunately I can’t help you with that personally.

  299. Kong says:

    Yea I get an error every time i start Market saying there is a network error.

    MMS I’m not too concered at the moment. I just want to get the market running

    Update: Well I fixed the problem. Wrong WEP key for my Wifi, I feel retarded lol, but is there any way I can use the edge network to get on the market or since I’m using the G1 on AT&T wifi is the only way to go?

  300. WOODHI says:

    @kong I believe you need to activate it to use the market place

  301. Jiang Yio says:

    @kong: that explains it ;p

    Yes, you can use at&t’s EDGE service, but the 3G is incompatible (different hardware protocol). You need to set up the at&t APN’s in your wireless settings manager.

  302. Kong08 says:

    @Jiang I set up At&t APN’s but still getting errors. I’ve double checked it and still wont let me on.

  303. Kong08 says:

    Scratch that. Got it working. I had to change the MNC setting.

  304. New G1 User says:

    As of yesterday, again, my MMS has stopped working. Odd.

  305. Jiang Yio says:

    So MMS drifts in and out without your making any obvious changes? Weird.

    @Kong08: Good stuff.

  306. Dave says:

    I think it has to do with cupcake update, honestly, (the MMS thing)

    give it a week or two and I bet all will be normal again.

  307. WOODHI says:

    @Dave thats what i’m guess.. Im just gona wait it out.

    T-Mobile says the U.S. will be rolling out our cupcakes starting May 15th

  308. New G1 User says:

    @Jiang Yio: Correct, I have made no changes to any network or application settings.

    @Dave: Yessir, it would appear you were right to begin with. I hope the update comes out fast and serves as a permanent cure to this weird issue.

    *Looks at Data Plan Rate… Looks at calendar* Hmmmmm

  309. Jiang Yio says:

    Apparently, tomorrow we’ll have Cupcake officially. Hopefully this means that some of the problems we have been seeing will disappear.

    I would have been so excited about this update… but unfortunately I was impatient and rooted for early Cupcake anyway :)

  310. Edward says:

    Has anyone found a “how to” for the cupcake update, without rooting and without data plan. If so please post the Link.

  311. WOODHI says:

    @Edward : i have not seen anything yet.. i keep checking if found def. link

  312. Jiang Yio says:

    I have not seen the download link yet. The procedure should be the same as installing any other update. I’ll post a link for sure if I find it. It appears that the update is slowly filtering in, and some individuals with G1’s in the UK have gotten it already.

  313. DISCEPTRE says:

    thanks for the info.
    unfortunately it is still not working.
    any help appreciated

  314. WOODHI says:


    we know and believe it is cause of the cupcake update. Hopefully after that it will start working again

  315. Luyun says:

    My MMS was working fine with your setting since the day i got it. But It suddenly stopped work 2 weeks ago. I thought it is some t-mobile connection problem. So I gave it sometime for it to come back. But it has been two weeks. I still could not send nor receive mms. I don’t know what is the problem.

  316. Kevin G says:

    I set up my wife’s G1 a month ago with the above settings. I have a data plan on my phone but not on hers. Starting yesterday she cannot send or receive MMS messages. I tried a factory reset, but that did not help. I just thought I would throw my hat into the mix and see if there were any more suggestions out there.

  317. WOODHI says:

    @ Luyun and Kevin

    we know and believe it is cause of the cupcake update. Hopefully after that it will start working again. If not then we are gona have to look for a new option but give it a few more weeks hopefully

  318. DISCEPTRE says:

    but what if i dont have the cupcake update?
    and, here at work we have wifi but even if i go right next to the router i get no bars on my wifi meter. it shows our connection and says it is connected but does not seem to work?

    thanks for the help once again

  319. Luyun says:

    How do I get the cupcake update? I am really confused about the procedure. I have wifi connection at home. It is gonna just update by itself or i have to do something to the phone.

  320. WOODHI says:


    What kind of router do you have. I had one that uses a MIMO connection and had a problem with it. So i had to change the router to G connection only then my g1 worked on wifi just fine.

    @ Disceptre and Luyun

    The cupcake is rolling out slowly and i’m always checking the internet to see if the link to it has been posted. I will post it here if i find it. If you guys are in the Uk the cupcake for uk phone has a link to it already but as for us in the US we are still waiting. I believe as long as you do NOT have a mod rc33 you will receive it even if u do not have the data and u do not to be connected threw wifi.

  321. Renato says:

    As per Tmo, this update will happen OTA (over-the-air). I expect it to come out at latest by the end of the month.
    I’m looking forward to have my MMS working, I haven’t gotten Dave’s T-Mobile US server settings to work yet.

  322. New G1 User says:

    Yup.. Still waiting here for cupcake and/or a MMS-fix.

  323. DISCEPTRE says:

    i am not sure abouthere at work. i have a lynksis at home, so i will try it there this weekend and let you know how it goes.

    i have had my phone for a couple months now, is it normal tah i havnt gotten any notifications for updates or have there not been any updates?


  324. Jiang Yio says:

    Ah yes, this is interesting: when I should be seeing all bars, I see no bars; the WiFi still works, though.

  325. New G1 User says:


    Menu > Settings > About Phone; Scroll to the very bottom.

    Read the Build Number code, and search for RCxx. RC33, for example. If that is what you see, then you have the current RC33 release.

    Also, on the RC33 update, they installed a feature in the About Phone menu called System Updates. Select that, and it should check to see if your build is current or not.

    Hope some of that helped.

  326. deving says:

    so any word on why our mms dont work? i swapped to my extra tmo i got back in feb and it doesnt work even after changing the settings and its an rc33 FUCK I NEED TO SEE NAKED PICS OF MY FEMALE FRIENDS WHAT AM I TO DO?>

  327. WOODHI says:


    have them email the pics to me and I will forward them to your email.. LOL

    Na nothing we can do just have to wait if at the end of the month our mms still doesn’t work I think we are gona have issues and have to find the root of the problem.. cause right now we suspect cupcake update is doing it and rc33 is the latest update

  328. WOODHI says:

    To correct myself cupcake firmware 1.5 is the latest.. but rc33 was the last update before this one that people are getting slowly

  329. kawi105 says:

    I was wondering, i was lookin on craigslist and im about to buy a phone from a guy whos been using it on the data plan.

    i have my ?s

    1-Will it work fine when i put my normal sim in?
    2-will it send/recieve txts fine w/o internet?
    3-Will it function as a normal phone fine?call/txt?
    4-Will the apps work w/o internet?

    i have wifi so i can use that whenever but when im at school or away i want to know what i can do.


  330. DISCEPTRE says:

    @ NEW G1 USER


  331. WOODHI says:

    @ Disceptre

    you can manually update to the RC33 build thanks for Jiangs find a while back.

    i just copied and pasted Daves post to me earlier

  332. kaleal crooks says:

    I apologize if this has been asked, but this is a very long thread and i skipped most of the conversation after january, and picked it back up around cupcake…..

    i have wifi at home, i just purchased the behold and swapped it for the g1 under a 2 year contract…. my phone is set up, my wifi works….. i am a previous wing owner and did not have the data plan, dont want it with the g1….

    1. can i still cancel the data plan or does this mess up the contract (its a service, not a plan right?)

    2. can someone explain sms and mms, and has the mms issue been fixed?


  333. kaleal crooks says:

    also how do you copy the old info back into the apn? stuff……. in particular, the password stuff is not copyable

  334. Renato says:

    1. Yes, cancel that bitch…I’ve had it non-data plan for 6 months and no problems (other than T-mo reps telling me it won’t work without it, which is BS)
    Yes, it is a service. They will only charge you the pro-rated usage.

    2. SMS travels thru your SIM card…MMS travels thru your data plan. Per this site, you can follow steps above to change that, however since Cupcake rollouts have been going on it seems that this function is not working yet. Perhaps until 1.5 is completely rolled out, it will work again.

    Enjoy! :)

    Waiting to eat cupcakes…

  335. kawi105 says:

    well i just bought my g1, activated it wit my dad’s sim then put mine in, been usin wifi, txtin, and apps wit no problems!!!


  336. Eric says:

    So for all of you that aren’t aware of it, you can manually update your g1 with cupcake now. It is the US version and it works great for me. Just follow the directions in the link below.

  337. kaleal crooks says:

    i appreciate the help… so far everything seems fine using wifi… except those mms but that can be worked around using gmail, or switching to another phone and checking “my album” on tmobile’s site… a little extra effort but, i dont use it enough to be bohthered….. picture messages alone are not worth the 30 something extra…

    #225# doesnt work either, but you can type #bal# and it works….

    will the updates come through without the data plan or will that have to be manually installed like the above post? i’m holding off for the “official” thing.

  338. WOODHI says:

    @Eric THANK!!! and I can say it is official and I HAVE CUPCAKE.. however i still dont think that the mms works hopefully after everything settles we will have it back

  339. Jiang Yio says:

    @Eric: looks like I’m behind on this one; thanks for the heads-up! hopefully the MMS starts working soon.

  340. G says:

    @Dave: I am about to purchase the G1 and I have read almost all of the forum but i am still questioning something. If i have the unlimited SMS/MMS texting plan, would i still have to go through all the trouble listed above to get MMS to work efficiently?

  341. Dave says:

    wow I really got put behind here to many comments for me to keep up with…..

    guys/girls please update me on the MMS status. the cupcake should be out I got it on the spare G1 4days ago.

    My MMS still works when ever I pull it out and mess with it but I haven’t honestly really messed with it ( I drive a truck for a living and in the summer months I am always on the road. I am home for about for days so I look forward to seeing what you all have to say :)

  342. Puggins says:

    Hey guys, been a long time since I visited the site. Just got the cupcake update on my phone and it is everything I could hope for. The predictive texting is really nice. And what is wrong with the mms? Mine is working just fine.

  343. Dave says:

    hey Puggins, glad to see you stop on. well it seems the cupcake update has been screwing up the settings I listed here. so everyone has been going crazy.

    waiting to see if everything is working for them again!

  344. DISCEPTRE says:


    i don’t mind having to wait a while to get an answer when the answer i get is straight forward and seems to always be right

    unfortunately i have cupcake and i changed the setting in my phone but mms will not work. anyone else still having that problem? or just me.

    also when i try to connect to wifi at home it keeps telling me the key i put in is wrong (wpa) but at work the wifi works (unprotected wifi)

  345. Jiang Yio says:

    DISCEPTRE, have you tried disabling WPA on your home network? If your phone gets online after that, then there might be a WPA configuration issue; otherwise, it might be a general wifi problem.

  346. WOODHI says:

    @ Anybody Not sure if my apn has changed HOWEVER I only see T-Mobile US now everything else is GONE

  347. Jiang Yio says:

    Is this with the cupcake update?

  348. Kevin says:


    Yeah, cupcake only has one apn setting in the list. Although if you change it in any way you can easily revert by hitting menu in the list and choosing “Reset to Default.” Alternatively you can just create a new apn with the settings listed here and then hit the check box next to the apn name in the list.

    BTW, MMS is still not working for my wife after the cupcake update and new apn settings. I tried using the defaults and had no luck. I’ve even done a factory reset but have had no luck. I’m in Spokane, WA fyi. Anybody out there with working MMS in the same area?

  349. WOODHI says:

    @ Jiang Yeah its with the cupcake like Kevin said.. and no kevin I am in LA and my MMS doesn’t work still. weird that Puggins and Dave’s MMS is working fine but everybody else is not. strange times indeed

  350. Jiang Yio says:

    Yeah, I figured, since mine only has one as well (then again, it’s one of those hacked versions since I was impatient).

  351. G1user says:

    I have been reading some of your comments and they are really helpful to me. I just have a few questions.

    I’ve been using my G1 for 2 months now, but data plan charges is way too high for me and I only use it once in a while. I was reading one of your comment about not having a data plan but it will still work just to follow the steps you have listed to make the changes on the Access Point which I did.

    Before changing anything in the access point, I tried connecting online with my phone and it works even without the data plan (which I cancelled last month). Now I made the changes on the Access point, using your steps and it still works.

    My question is that how do I know if I am being charge for using the web besides waiting for my bill? You also mentioned that it requires a wifi connection, the weird thing is that I don’t have any wifi connection in my house but I am still connected with or without the steps you have posted. I am worried that t-mo is still charging me for using the web. Please help.

  352. G1user says:

    They also told me that I won’t be able to use my phone without the data plan if I cancel it, but guess what?? IT WORKS without data plan.. I just tried it today.. =)

  353. Dave says:

    @G1User, Wait for the bill is all I can say….If there is no data charges then let it be for as long as you can :)

    If there is a data charge you can call Tmo and they should clear it off the account if you canceled it.

    I am on the East Cost, and the MMS has never stop working on the G1 I picked up just to test.

    WHOODI, is your MMS working again ?

  354. Dave says:

    East Coast*** Baltimore Maryland.

  355. Nerd says:

    This sunday, this girl I know brought up her g1. For some odd reason she wants a “normal phone.” She seems willing to trade me phones, but I have a few question about getting the g1.
    1. She works for tmobile, so she gets the g1 data plan free. As long as she doesn’t reset it, I won’t have to worry about activating it, correct?
    2. She is worried that it will stop working after 3 months or something. After reading the comments it seems like I won’t have to worry about the data plan though, right?
    3. Is there anything I should know before I get this? FYI, my family is on a normal plan, with unlimited texting. I would like to use MMS if possible, it seems like I can.

    Also, my friend has the G1. He set up the data plan without telling his parents. When they found out, like 2 months later, they canceled it, but he still gets the G1 data plan. Just a heads up, maybe you can figure out if this is re-do-able.

  356. Nerd says:

    I forgot one thing. Just to clarify, I’ll be able to call, text, download apps in wifi, email in wifi? How about use the internet in Wifi?

  357. DISCEPTRE says:


    that would be awesome if i coul get the data plan, cancel it and still get free data.

    and yes you can do all the stuff you mentioned in the 2nd post, if you are in a wifi area of course

    anyone get the mms to work yet?

  358. Nerd says:

    Excellent. I think I’m going to get the G1 then! I’m excited!

  359. Jiang Yio says:


    I too saw this effect… I could use the data plan for free even after canceling. However, the effect was lost somehow after a while.

  360. Woofer says:

    My MMS is not working as well with the APN settings provided on this site.

    “SMS travels thru your SIM card…MMS travels thru your data plan. Per this site, you can follow steps above to change that, however since Cupcake rollouts have been going on it seems that this function is not working yet. Perhaps until 1.5 is completely rolled out, it will work again.”

    Is Renato right? Is that why MMS is not working?

  361. Dave says:

    @woofer, at this time that is what we think the problem is almost certain tthat is the problem….however none of us know because we don’t work for tmobile…

    please keep us updated on the MMS status everyone.

  362. Nerd says:

    Dave, you seem to have the least amount of problems with the MMS. Does it still work for you?

  363. Jinn says:

    Hi Dave (& Jiang),

    I have been following this post for quite a while, and I have used a lot of good information. (I haven’t read reply though)

    I just activated my ADP1 (G1 – dev phone) yesterday w/o data plan (now I use KPN – Netherland). My G1 has:
    firmware version 1.0
    Build number: dream_devphone-userdebug 1.0 UNLOCKED 11622 test-keys.

    I have done some googling (yet no propery answer) before I ask this:
    – I believe I dont have a lastest firmware (which is 1.1 and RC33). What is the best way to update my G1 since it is a dev phone? Can I do it as you suggested which meant for normal G1?
    – The RC33 update here is to update from RC30 only, can I just do the straight upgrade to the lastest version?

    Any help appreciated

    Tuan Jinn

  364. Dave says:

    @nerd, I no longer use the g1 however I have a active sim card in it, and I send MMS to it once in a while to see if it is working, and it does so with no problems.

  365. Nerd says:

    @Dave, why don’t you use the g1 anymore?

  366. Jiang Yio says:

    I think not having Flash support is part of it… the HTC Hero does have Flash, but the ROM takes up a serious chunk of space on the G1.

  367. Renato says:

    I got my cupcake update, but this MMS thing still doesn’t work.

  368. WOODHI says:

    Sorry been absent due to finals BUT. MMS is still not working.. on the link that Nerd had posted .. someone had said

    “found on the tmobile forums that tmobile disabled mms for nondata plan users. its a ploy to get into more peoples pockets, to have them purchase a data plan for mms even if you already pay for text messages.”

    so could that be the possible answer???

  369. woofer says:

    mms still not working..

  370. Renato says:

    I caved in!! Got the data plan :( Actually, my employer is paying for half of my cell/data account so I can get Exchange on my G1. I think Tmo cracked down on the MMS, Tzones hack, etc for the G1 and other “email/Internet” phones. I think if someone can figure out what APN settings the basic phones use then we might be able to get somewhere. I checked my wife’s phone and noticed that her “packet data access point” address is “” but can’t find the other settings.

    Good luck

  371. WOODHI says:

    @renato good idea anybody know what to do next??

  372. Eric says:

    I’m clueless as well. I’m really becoming frustrated with T mobile though. I mean, we’re all still paying for the MMS, yet it appears that they have disabled our use of it.

  373. WOODHI says:

    @ Eric yeah I know

  374. Nerd says:

    There isn’t a good reason why we shouldn’t have MMS. Obviously Tmobile wants money because they lie and say that you HAVE to have the data plan for the g1 to work, but obviously it doesn’t.

  375. WOODHI says:

    @Nerd Well now it might be true haha

  376. Google says:

    So MMS not working still? It isn’t working for me. Anyways is anyone out there working a workaround for this?

  377. Rae Rae says:

    Is there a way to get you tube to work without the date package? Is that going to require a wifi network also?

  378. Renato says:

    Yeah, youtube works just fine on WiFi.

  379. Dave says:

    Well everyone my g1 stopped getting messages about 3 days ago…. I am trying to get around it with other APN’s…. If I happen to find something to work I will be sure to let you guys know.

    till then you might want to grab the data plan or move on to a different phone The blackberry storm is a killer phone!!!

  380. Kong says:

    Hey guys just stopping in to check out whats going. Thanks for the help way back for getting my G1 set up. I’m not having any problems with MMS but since I’m on AT&T with it that could be it.

  381. Raj says:

    Hi guys, i have a G1 – unlocked and i alos disconnected the data plan. Yesterday i was receiving the update when i connected to wiiFi and the update looks really gr8. After that, when i go to contacts, i see most of my numbers lost. Even if i try to add a new number to the contact list. it vanishes in minutes and when i get a call, i get it as a new number. Not sure what happened to the ones i saved. This is really irritating. Could any of you help

  382. Raj says:

    Hi, one more queston. I was reading this blog. To get the disappeared contacts, i did the auto sync option. The mail and calender got synchrolized. But the contacts always said ” SYnc is currently experiencing some problems” it will be back shortly. No matter how many times i do, i still get the same status. Any idea how i should get out of this?

  383. Jaime says:

    Hi all, I heve been reading this blog since february when I was planning to buy my g1, – finally got it at the end of March with the data plan, one month ago I canceled my data plan and I stared using the settings posted by Dave long time agi. As of today I have not had any issues, my mms works properly, I have th message plan. I might be lucky but my G1 still works great. Using g1 to post this comment. Thanks to all.

  384. Eric says:

    arggg. hope this MMS problem gets resolved soon…=(

  385. Lelou says:

    Hello, sorry if this out of the topic but you guys are the only one I can think that may be able to help.

    The problem I’m having is that the in-call volume on my phone is messed up. With the headset attach its even worse. The volume is too loud that even with the earpiece out of my ear, I can still here the person I’m talkin to. This can actually act like their on speaker phone. The volume setting is already low, I mean the lowest setting. If you can guide me what to do or where to look for guidance, i’d appreciate it so much.

  386. david torres says:

    ok, so i’ve read all the questions and answers but i still dont get it. i already have a t-mobile sim card but i dont have an internet plan on it, can i buy a G1 from someone else and use it like a regular phone (calls,texting etc..) without having to pay for the internet plan? i really dont care about the applications or the internet. i just want the phone to make calls and text. could it be possible?

  387. stacey gerr says:

    Ok explain this….

    I canceled my data package and of course I CANT send picture messages or google any more. I just put my daughters sim card in the G1 and it works. No my daughters phone does not have the data package either. I just put the sim in and everything works. I guess I need to find out why, but without calling tmobile. Now what?

    I just orded a blackberry curve before i changed out the sims to see what would happen. How could tmobile disable my picture texting on g1 only. my sim which no longer has the data package will work in other phones so i can send pictures but not in g1 anymore. but when i put my daughter’s sim in my g1 all the features came back. i can google and send and recieve pictures without the data package. so that means when i canceled my data package with tmobile they did something so my sim wouldn’t work in g1 or something. rip off!!

  388. Jiang Yio says:

    Well, it appears that T-mobile has really gone and done it… if you know what I mean. Of course I’m speculating at this point, but I’m sure they’re trying to maximize their profit…

    I still have no data plan. lol.

  389. kenn says:

    Hey dave i am getting a g1 today and i dont want to buy the data plan how would you go about on how to get started…

  390. Jonny says:

    Hey i preordered the mytouch3g last night and hopefully everything will work fine without the data plan. I called t-mobile and they told me that as soon as i get the phone i have to call to enable the data plan. i was wondering what will happen if i dont call and put it on. will they just push it on my bill??? will they call me everyday telling me to turn it on??? please help me

  391. GG says:

    I just got a G1, and it is really cool, but I will go between that phone and another. Will the G1 work as a stand alone wifi unit? Or does it require a sim card to be installed for the wifi to work?

  392. jzonne says:

    I have a G1 w/R33 and I applied the settings letter by letter to the APN settings in my phone. The settings I applied were written by Dave on January 6th, 2009 at 1:14 am, which are the same settings found here:

    I’m still unable to send/receive MMS messages. Let me know if you guys can help in any way possible. If you need to ask questions let me know, I’ll answer them AQAP (Q=Quick). Thank you.

  393. Seventynin9 says:

    MMS no longer works with Dave’s setup. SMS works fine. I should also inform the community that T-Mobile has a new policy on G1 Data Plan. That’s if you sign up for the data plan, you are contract bound on that data plan for on year. Early cancellation penalties apply. That means you can no longer cancel the data plan after activating your phone without penalty.

  394. Kevin says:

    So I might get a g1, should I get it from eBay and borrow someone else’s sim card for a little while and use my plan w/o data or should I get it from a retail store , get the data plan then cancel it. Which one?

  395. Danny says:

    i have a few questions
    1. What is a factory reset?
    2. If i turn my G1 off for the night and then turn it back on the next morning do i have to activate the phone again?

  396. Soundzof Static says:

    I know someone answered these questions somewhere in the past 6 months, but ill do our friend danny a favor…

    1.A factory reset is a reset where the phone gets put into the state when you opened it new from the box, with only its core applications and without activation.

    2.No, turning it on and off is called a soft reset, the phone will still be activated.

    So i tweaked my phone to daves settings, and yes i know MMS isnt working anymore, quick questions tho…

    I canceled my Data package 3 days ago, i disabled auto synching for all my email and gmail, and apps…

    Should i still be able to access the google page and access the internet although my data pkg is gone? If i understand correct, by doing so i’m getting charged for the internet usage by the kb now, correct?

  397. CCH says:

    stacey gerr : I did the same thing. Put my daughter’s SIM card in from her Samsun Gravity. She has no data plan but the G1 works 100%. I think it’s because she has MMS on her gravity. Will t-mobile catch on?

  398. Bill Cimo says:

    Time for a class action lawsuit. Tmobile tells me that I get picture messaging on my phone bill but I’m not getting it on the G1 because they want me to buy the data plan.

  399. PaddyO says:

    Considering getting a G1 for my wife who has an old TMo phone without a data plan. I have a G1 with a data plan. I put her SIM card in my G1, fired it up, and was browsing on 3G. I looked up the usage on my account online, and sure enough some data usage appears on her phone – but she has no data plan!

    When I replaced my SIM in the G1, the first time I restarted it complained that it did not like my cached login credentials, so I typed them in a again.

    Hmmm – any thoughts, anyone else that can do this?

  400. WOODHI says:

    @Bill Agreed its like i know it worked before but now Tmo just wants us to get the data..

  401. WOODHI says:

    @Bill Agreed its like i know it worked before but now Tmo just wants us to get the data..

  402. David says:

    I’m not sure if this has already been answered, but can i get android apps without the data plan if i have access to wifi?

  403. Jiang Yio says:

    Yes, David, you could just login over WiFi and download your apps off the Market. It works like any other network connection.

  404. Kyle says:

    Did you try this, or did you hear about this and how much were the penalties?

    Does Tmo charge for WiFi use? Is it deducted from minutes in the plan?

  405. Jiang Yio says:

    Kyle, are you asking if T-mobile charges for use of T-mobile WiFi access points? I have actually never tried this. But shops like Starbucks/McDonalds/etc that offer WiFi connectivity usually charge (your credit card of course, not your cell plan).

  406. David says:

    I just got my G1 and I’m running without the data plan. I wanted to know if I install the 1.5 update if I’ll have to get the data plan. Thanks.

  407. David says:

    Or what will happen when my phone restarts

  408. Shaun says:

    To people without a data plan, has anyone worked out how to prevent WiFi from remaining connected whilst the display goes to sleep? I belive the problem is that since the Phone has no fallback in terms of internet access it will always opt for a WiFi connection if it is turned on. This is terrible for our battery life, and it sorta makes it worthless considering one of the major benefits of not using a data plan is the massive power savings from the lack of 3G connections.

    So anyone?

    You could just root, then install Cyanogen and you’ll have 1.6 w/o a data plan and no fear of activation requirements.

  409. Jiang Yio says:

    Shaun, the default behavior is for the WiFi radio to turn off while the phone sleeps. You can change this behavior using the WiFi configuration tool (Menu>Advanced). I actually keep my WiFi on because there’s pretty good coverage around here. 3G’s a waste of money in this case :)

  410. Raskassa says:

    I’ve been reading all the posts over the past couple of days and was really excited about upgrading to the G1 without having to get the data plan.

    I went to a t-mobile store today and asked about upgrading to the G1. The sales rep said you are required to have the data plan for the duration of the contract and there is a penalty for canceling it early.

    Does anyone know if this is true or if its just another one of their lies?
    If it is true do you know anyway to get around that?

  411. Soundzof Static says:

    What I did is i told that i was getting rid of the G1, and they canceled the plan..

    But this was prior to the changes made to terms of service for the data plan.

    They recently changed it so that once you are on the Data plan for the G1, you are on contract for it for a year.

    I had the Data since the release of the G1, so my terms of service were slightly different.

    So I would say your best bet is to get the G1 third-Party, the Phones are running between 200-260 on Ebay,i think the extra $80 is worth not getting locked in for another 2 years for this phone. Its a great phone, but not worth the committment.

  412. Raskassa says:

    So I qualify for the upgrade now and I decided to add it to my cart to see what the agreement would say. This is what it said:

    “Activation of a new two year agreement on a qualifying voice plan and data service is required. A data service allows access to this phone’s Web functionality and features.
    When you receive your phone, please visit My T-Mobile and add a data service. Once added, the data service may not be removed during your contract term but can be changed to other data services compatible with your device.”

    So when I get the phone, do you think I could just NOT add the data service? Then get someone else’s sim card to activate the phone.

  413. Annie says:

    Hey, I just got a G1 without the data plan and the MMS is not working. I tried Dave’s suggested settings, but it still does not work. Any suggestions on how to get it to work? Thanks!

  414. Raskassa says:

    @ Annie:

    -Did u buy your G1 from T-mobile @ the discounted price?
    -Did u buy it online or in the store?

  415. Annie says:

    I got it from a friend of a friend who already unlocked it.

  416. ali says:

    hey guys im about to buy a g1 off craigslist and i had questions

    1. my friend has a g1 with a data plan and im wondering if i use his sim card to activate my g1, will it cost him at all?

    2. Also, sorry if this is a stupid question but what is MMS? i know SMS but whats MMS?

    thanks in advance

  417. mervvv says:


    MMS is picture text messege

    and no , your friend will no get charged if you use his sim :)

  418. ali says:

    oh okay thats good im more likeley gettin one then. thanks for the repley =)

  419. Woofer says:

    Someone should file a lawsuit against T-Mobile for disabling our use of picture messaging on the G1 without data plan. We found a way to make picture messaging work and they disable it. This is unacceptable. Anyone know if it is possible to file a lawsuit against T-Mobile for this and win? Then this will make T-Mobile enable picture messaging again.

  420. bgj_302 says:

    can enenyone help me i have da g1 and do not get mms pics post me at

  421. bgj_302 says:

    do u have to be on wifi to get pics mms

  422. bgj_302 says:


  423. nathan says:

    Hi, i just got a G1 off craigs list and i love it. guy did not do a factory reset so all i did was popped in my sim card and i was good to go! Does anyone know what settings i need to disable so that i do not get any incidental data charges? My understanding is random stuff can transfer even if i do not have something up that uses the internet. I just want to use wifi for the internet. Thanks

  424. Jiang Yio says:

    nathan, go into the settings to turn off 3g (2g only) and disable data roaming. then install apndroid off the market and run it. that should be about it.

    when you need data later, just run apndroid again and (optionally) turn on 3g and data roaming.

  425. Adam says:

    hey can any please help me wit the mms texting i followed daves instructions but seems to be not working

  426. Puggins says:

    Nathan, you can either download apndroid from the market or go to settings>wireless settings>mobile networks>access point names> and then just put a random letter in the APN setting (it should say and you can delete or enter anything in there.). That will stop it from incidental data

  427. Sue says:

    I have a question about MMS. I am on flex-pay, does that mean the settings you put on here wont work with my G1? Because I cannot get my pic mail to work. Before this phone i had the wing phone and it worked fine…

  428. shawn says:

    i recieved a g1 from a friend and had to do preform a factory reset because he forgot his code… ive done what you said for the mms and still it doesnt work . any help?

  429. Adam says:

    Ok guys forget about the mms texting right now its not working the stuff you have to input isn’t valid any more ok

  430. RIchard Niederle says:

    @ Sue
    The wing has different settings. G1 is a different phone, requires new settings for ATT Tmobile Rogers O2… Etc, and for flex-pay, that is tmobile, did you try to use factory defaults on APN? (When you hit menu, dont select New APN, hit the other one.

  431. Devere says:

    I used to have a G1 with the data plan. I recently upgraded my phone to a Motorola Clique and gave my G1 to my daughter who also is on mhy T-mobile plan but she does not have a dataplan. Now once I put her sim card in the G1 I had to log into for her via Google. Now her phone works fine and has all the normal functionality, however, the Wifi doesn’t work. The option is there for use but it will not look for a wifi network. I called T-Mobile about this and they said that the Google part of the phone is looking for the data plan and because her line doesn’t have it will not allow it to access the internet even through the wifi. Funny thing is when she first started using the phone that first day the wifi worked and it even finds wifi networks now whenever she restarts her phone but within a couple of minutes it’s gone. So you can use your G1 without the data plan, you just won’t be able to use wifi. If anyone knows of way please post.

  432. Jiang Yio says:

    Devere: i have never had this problem. if the device is using 3g/edge for networking, connecting to a wifi access point should switch the device to wifi networking. see if APNdroid works for her.

  433. Pavel says:

    Hey, I just bought a Nexus One and want to give my brother my G1. He does not have dataplan, but would like to just use wifi when at home.

    When I put in his sim card, can he use his gmail account? I need mine for the Nexus One. I’m confused how this works. :S

  434. Ms. Vo says:

    Hi Dave, i don’t have a data plan for my g1, i tried to follow ur instructions about changing the name, apn, proxy etc.. but i tried to send mms to myself but still did not work…please help!

  435. Lawrence says:

    Hey Jiang and Dave, I have read your posts, I just got a G1 phone, brand new in the box. Should I still call tmobile to add the data plan on my phone and then activate it that way, then cancel the service?

    Please let me know! thank you!

  436. Jiang Yio says:

    Lawrence, if your G1 has Android 1.5 or newer, you could activate on WiFi. The first time you use your phone, skip activation. Then connect to an access point somewhere and open any Google Experience app (i.e. Market, Gmail, Maps) to trigger the activation process.

  437. Lawrence says:

    Thank you, Jiang. I hope that my G1 has Android 1.5 or newer. I will try and activate via WiFi. If it fails, then would you suggest that I contact Tmobile CC and add the data plan and then have it removed after activation?

  438. Erika says:

    Hey…I seem to be having the same issue as Diana had, only I have NEVER had a data plan. I had a friend set up the phone and and my internet and sms is working fine without the data plan…only thing that wont work is MMS…which is tickin me off lol. I have unlimited text messaging on my plan. I went through my phone and set everything up like ur blog post said and im still not able to receive or send MMS. Others seem to have no issue with this…but I have bad luck with everything so Im not suprised lmao. Is there something Im doing wrong…please help!

  439. Zach says:

    they have the new google phones and i know a guy who has the data for that, will that work or am i lost to a world without the G1 haha

  440. Lawrence says:

    hey Jiang,

    I just put in my sim card, went straight to the wifi settings, it did not let me specify a wifi network, so i guess it is not android 1.5… but when i went back to the wizard, i put in my gmail account username and password and it activated with NO PROBLEMS! I have been using the phone for about 30 minutes now, i can send text messages and make calls… i can even USE THE INTERNET, went to and watched videos on YOUTUBE. how is this possible? I don’t have a data plan on my family plan… will tmobile CHARGE me a big deal now? should I be worried? Thank you!

  441. Lawrence says:

    Looks like big brother caught me, saw that I didn’t have a data plan, so within 1 hr, they disconnected my internet on the G1, now I am connected to my home WiFi, able to watch youtube and surf the web. I am having trouble sending MMS… i followed Dave’s settings,,, double and triple checked, shutdown, removed battery, powered on, tried to send a picture text to a friend, no luck, stuck in my inbox with the ICON looking like an email with a RED ICON. I have WiFi right now, so why wouldn’t it be able to send MMS? I have it set on 2g EDGE… any help is much appreciated! thank you! build number: DRC83, Firmware version: 1.6

  442. Jiang Yio says:

    To use MMS, I believe you need to be connected to T-mo’s private network. I don’t use MMS myself so I can’t help you there; I email :p

  443. Lawrence says:

    Hey Jiang, when you say use email for sending images… I take it that you have a data plan with your G1? If that is the case, I would need to have a WiFi connection, correct?

  444. Jiang Yio says:

    Lawrence, I do all my data access over WiFi; it’s pretty pervasive around these parts. As far as Internet access is concerned, it is as “powerful” as 3G and EDGE, though it does not support services (such as MMS) that require the client to be on the private T-mobile subnet.

  445. j izzle says:

    hey i was wondering is there a way to stop the phone auto updates if you do not have data plan, i am getting a mytouch soon and i was wondering if i could stop that

  446. Fal says:

    Hey Dave, I have a question for you. Do your Directions here for getting MMS to work on non data plan tmobile phones work for the Motorola Cliq!? I hope it does. Im going to try your directions and hope for the best. Thanks!

  447. Lucy says:

    Hey Dave, I recently took off my data plan and input your setup instructions, but it still says unable to download when I get a picture message. I sat here for like 4 hours reading every post, and I still cant figure it out. If you do a factory reset, you cant login to google on a wi-fi connection right? So how does that work?

  448. Lory says:

    Please help me…i got the G1…somehow was able to create a Google account and activate my phone…i wonder if it was because of the t-zones because i hadn’t activated the data plan. I could not use the internet because the wifi was disconected. So i called t-mobile and asked for the plan…they applied it to my account and the wifi was active at that point as well. Then, i called and cancelled it, thinking that’s all that i needed to do in order for my phone to connect to wifi. Now they took the plan off of my account, but my phone still wont connect to the wifi and can’t seem to be able to access the internet. I also read a couple of blogs and saw some statements that said the G1 should be usable with the t zones. Is that posible? Do you know anything? I’m very anti-tech so if you could kinda give me easy-to-understand-for-dumb-people-directions, i would really appreaciate it.


  449. flyordie2 says:


    Hello, did you try hitting menu>settings>wireless controls> and turning wifi on?

  450. Lory says:


    I did. I was able to connect to the internet at the campus cafeteria, i guess i was expecting to be able to connect to the web from home as well, trough my computer. My computer is WPA protected and if i add the ecription key in the password box it keeps saying it’s invalid. Like i said before, i don’t really know what i’m doing…i’m even surprised i was able to connect at school.I guess it does notify me when a network is available, but otherwise the wi-fi says disconnected. I currently have t-zones on my G1…will i still be able to connect to the internet trough wi-fi if i remove t-zones from my plan?

  451. B says:

    I got a G1 from my brother, did a full reboot on the system and wiped it out and was able to hook up to internet through my wifi at home and register on gmail. I can download apps and surf the net without a data plan through TMO,but the phone will NOT send MMS (pic msgs) I have unlimited pic and txt msg with my current plan, and tried the setting suggested.still not working. What needs to be done??? HELP!!

  452. Ryan says:

    I have done alot of research and apearently t-mobile has blocks from any other data plan or mms settings UNLESS you do buy the $25/month data plan. I feel like I am being cheated by this because I pay for unlimited text and picture messaging and it doesnt work.

  453. flyordie2 says:

    So today, a friend of mine randomly sent me a picture message, and it came through! I have the g1 with the data plan and I haven’t been able to get picture messages at all. But now they come through. I am afraid that there will be data usage charges for this though, so I disabled it with apn droid…

  454. this says:

    I have a g1 and use great without a data plan I have a wifi at home and most places have it so everything works with wifi. I just put someones else g1 sim card into my g1 phone and activated it and switched it back and it works great without a data plan

  455. ak says:

    me too – mytouch 3g (version 1) using without data plan. just used the wife’s sim to activate to my g account. receives, but won’t send mms. but i can jsut email pics when wifi available.

    left the default APN in place, but added and selected the non-data plan MMS APN – settings I found here:

  456. blank says:

    my cousin gave me his g1 but his google account was already on there, so i factory reseted it, but now im stuck on the page where your supposed to insert your google account but i dont have the 3g/internet plan and most of my friends dont have it either so is there a way to unlock the phone without paying for it?

  457. Jiang says:

    If your firmware is RC29 or older, you could use the tried and true method presented by the XDA-folk. Otherwise, I think you need the data plan for as long as you need to activate your phone.

  458. Bean says:

    Hey, people. I was wondering, I’m gonna need to buy the data plan and then cancel it to use my G1. I’m wondering how I do that and exactly how much it will cost me.

    BTW, I’m using Even More Plus.

  459. Neal says:

    hey, im about to get a G1 that has been used off craigslist. great condition. I am not going to have data but the guy i bought it from did. so now im wondering if i need to activate it like you guys told me. and i am also wondering how the G1 is working on you guys without data. is it fine, hows the WiFi. Working good?
    also i want to download free apps, i found a great website with free apps. will they work on the G1 without data? like games and such?

  460. flyordie2 says:


    I have had the g1 without a data plan for a year now. With wifi it works good. I’ve had trouble with picture messages, but other then that it works great! When you buy it from the guy, just ask to borrow his sim and then activate your phone. :)

  461. jojo says:

    Hey, my son’s rig and my ex wife’s dog and my girlfriend’
    s daughter got a G1 and then I lost my job and wanted to buy a sim but didn’t need to cause I found one on the floor of my brothers 1995 volkswagen jetta with the blown head gasket. blah blah blah
    Get a life loosers!
    Just ask the question without all the other crap. NObody cares!

  462. mikiosmart says:

    Hey everyone, try this!

    FIRST APN, set as below, leave as-is for all others not mentioned:
    Name: t-mobile
    APN type: default

    save apn.

    Create SECOND APN, set as below, leave as-is for all others not mentioned:
    Name: t-mobile MMS
    MMS proxy:
    MMS port: 8080
    APN type: mms

    save apn.

    It’s working for me. Using for my default APN worked for sending and receiving MMS but it would also use data. When I used data would cease BUT then the mms wouldn’t work, so I think for the default you could even set it to anything random and as long as you set up the second APN as I have it up there you should be good. Spread the word if it works for you!

  463. Neal says:

    Hey ok so its been working. but sadly mms wont work for me. any good apps. and im stuck on 1.6 :O anyone kno how to upgrade

  464. Jay says:

    I have the G1 without a data plan. Is it true that as long as i have no data plan i will not b charged for accidentally clicking on something that involves data transfer? ( no byte by byte charges??)

  465. Jiang says:

    Jay, I know T-mobile did not let me transfer any data without the data plan enabled, but ATT did, and I was not charged for that (maybe I did not use enough). At any rate, just save yourself some trouble and disable data on your phone.

  466. Jay says:

    And how might I do that?

  467. Jiang says:

    Install something like APNdroid. If you’re running Cyanogen(mod) or anything like that, data status is in the menus somewhere.

  468. Bean says:

    Please help me out. I’m gonna need to buy the data plan and then cancel it to use my G1. I’m wondering how I do that and exactly how much it will cost me.

    BTW, I’m using Even More Plus.

  469. beebzy says:

    OK, so I’m just making sure of this. I also don’t have a data plan and I used the APN settings Dave stated above, its sending and receiving MMS fine. Now my question is will I get charged for this? The reason I’m asking is I’ve seen mixed responses of people saying you get charged without data plan. Is this only without APN not changed? or even true at all? Thanks

  470. Bertal says:

    Anyone knows where I can get North America maps for G1 GPS

  471. BBJames says:

    OK will explain too, When i used the information offered in the forum to point the domain that wouldn’t work so I asked on here and was given details – I will go now and look in easily and let you know what details i used to point the site.

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