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The Healthcare Information Initiative is a little project of mine that lives within this very website. As I prepare for my medical career, I will be learning about the frameworks in which I will be working. Since much of the American public is unaware of the workings of their healthcare system, and since the Internet is all about sharing information, I intend to share little bits of what I find interesting.

While this series of postings will be about the U.S. healthcare system, it may occasionally include information about the technical side of medicine or even international systems. The primary focus will be on the support frameworks, however. So stay tuned, and join the discussion as we proceed through our investigation.

Ubuntu 8.10 testers who upgraded their Firefox setups to version 3.0.2 have noticed a gratuitous End-User License Agreement presented by the kind folks at Mozilla. This is the first time that Mozilla has asked Canonical to include an EULA, a controversial action that has triggered substantial debate over at Launchpad and Ubuntu Forums.

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If you’d participated in the previous event, then you should already have received an email about it. This is a puzzle-solving game held at colleges across North America by alumni who work at Microsoft; teams of four strive to solve the largest number of puzzles within a twelve-hour time frame. Each year, the puzzles are solved in the framework of a different theme.

New schools have been added this year, as usual, so sign up if your school’s participating! Though it’s not easy to win recognition, most participants have immense fun. If you do well, you might also land a job at Microsoft, but that’s not the main reason people play. This would be the third time I’m participating at Columbia.

More information is available at the Challenge’s official website.