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Can this be the vehicle of the future? It appears that Aptera’s making tremendous progress on efficiency in both fuel consumption and cost. Aptera’s new design comes in two flavors, both with an all-electric drive train. One version is coupled to a gasoline-powered generator for 300 MPG while the other is purely electric with a range of 120 miles. Classified as a motorcycle, this vehicle will be produced in July and will be available for under $30000. It looks rather futuristic, too.

Meanwhile, sQuba is cool, but just slightly impractical and costly.

Recently, a new HAL has been released that supports this family of wireless devices. This new software should work for all platforms supported by MadWifi, including x86-64. It’s not yet in trunk, but should be soon. For now, the code is available from svn and as a tarball.

Perhaps it’s time to stop using this inelegant hack.

It’s been 15 years since its first changelog entry, and Wine is almost ready for version 1.0. The last release candidate for this landmark version was released yesterday.

Quite a few release-blocker bugs were deferred to later versions, but even these should be fixed within a few months. Wine 1.0 itself should be released in just a few days.

More information can be found at the Wine HQ.

(edited 06/17/2008)

… and here it is.

Okay, I was being sarcastic. But I ran into this today and had a good laugh:

nvidia 7800 wont work

i bought one of these and tried putting in my dell dimension 2350. my friend said that the shiny metal part on the bottom looks like it has lines because you cut at the lines if it doesnt fit. so i carefully cut off the bottom so that it fit into 1 of the slot things in my computer. now it doesnt work. did i cut it wrong? id post pics, but no camera. is there anyway i can fix this? thanks for any help.

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Websites that disable copying through the clipboard are annoying and their authors do not realize how impolite it is to interfere with functions that should be outside the control of a web page. It does keep a population of users from stealing information, but it also upsets legitimate users and is relatively easy to circumvent in many cases.

A copy-disabling technique I came across today involves the use of the oncopy event:

<div oncopy=”return(false);”>stuff you can’t copy</div>

While it is annoying, the limitations of the method are apparent. First, notice how we can just extract the information from the page source. Failing that, we can disable Javascript. For kicks, we might even whip out Firebug and remove that event handler altogether.

Not only do these techniques offer content publishers no protection whatsoever (think: if you send it to the client, the client must have access to it to display it), they also keep visitors from coming back. It’s like disabling right-click… only worse. Don’t do it.

I was alerted today to the existence of a solid rightward arrow in the FedEx logo. Gee, I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed this before. The original font, Futura Bold, was modified to incorporate the arrow design and enhance the logo. Talk about subliminal messaging ;p

The much-anticipated Kubuntu packages for KDE 4.1 Beta 1 are now officially available!

The packages have been under testing since Saturday, and nixternal has been busy applying fixes; they should be quite polished by now. The KDE 4 PIM packages (Kontact, KMail, KOrganizer, Akregator, etc…) are included in this release, in the kdepim-kde4 package. Meanwhile, the extragear packages are right on schedule and should be ready in a couple of days.

In a nutshell, the Launchpad PPA repository containing all the goodies is

deb hardy main

… and a dist-upgrade would get you the new packages if you already have KDE 4.0 installed, after adding the repository and updating.

Please read the aforementioned blog post for more information and additional comments. Don’t forget to backup your ~/.kde4 directory, and report bugs!