Whoa, DOS has a version 7.10?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The last version of DOS I used before upgrading to Windows 3.1 was 6.22. I wonder where this one came from, but it totally kicks ass:

It’s totally beefed up, has multimedia support (read: MP3’s and videos on DOS), comes with Microsoft Anti-Virus (read: erase those DOS viruses now), is GPL (read: not a genuine Microsoft product), and comes with a totally awesome bootsplash!

The best part is… you know how Linux has these live CD distros? Well DOS 7.10 goes farther — live floppy with Windows 3.11 window manager O.o

It’s awesome because it packs some nifty tools, and supports Windows 95 and Windows 98.


  1. Dexter says:

    I have used DOS 7.10, it is very nice. Most people would consider it ridiculous, but nonetheless, those of us who have used DOS many-a-hour, can appreciate the enhancements. :) It works very well for DOS based Linux GUI’s, and very well for Linux installation procedures, and Bootup diagnostics. :)

  2. inportb says:

    hehe, I don’t have many machines with floppy drives anymore, so now I have a DOS 7.10 CD. =D

  3. Ben Century says:

    I believe MS-DOS 7.10 was hacked out of Win95/98 for this particular ‘release’. Whoever hacked it made a very nice install, created a bootable CD, added options for some well-known third party software, and included the CuteMouse driver.

    I run it on a PC at work (shhh, don’t tell anyone!) who’s basic purpose is to run one app. I also run it on an old Laptop at home which I use solely for DOS-based apps that I still need.

    There are a few downsides to using this ‘version’ of DOS which seem to be entirely multitasking issues. First, you apparently cannot run Desqview – the MS-DOS multitasker. You can only use it with verision 6.23 and older. Second, I had one app recognize the OS as Win95 and told me I needed to run it in a non-multitasking environment such as DOS.

    And in case you’re interested, someone else hacked DOS 8. Do a search, and you should be able to find it.

  4. Jiang Yio says:

    That’s very interesting. I wonder if it’s because of the extended memory manager or protected mode. Perhaps software like Desqview would work on DOS 7.10 in real mode? Or maybe it’s just the version number, because DOS bundled with Win9x have high version numbers.

    Thanks for the tip on DOS 8, Ben ;p