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Many people have had trouble getting their Atheros AR5007EG wireless devices to work on Linux, let alone getting it to inject data. There is a patch floating around on that allows operation on i386 machines using the MadWifi-ng driver.

I decided to take it a step further by applying the Aircrack-ng patch over the basic AR5007EG patch. Amazingly, it does work, and it works very well. I put the source package up for download here. Just unpack, make, and make install.

Remember, this is for 32-bit systems only. It enables support for the AR5007EG device and allows injection. With injection support, Aircrack-ng is a fun tool to try, as well as Airpwn. Stay legal and enjoy!

June 15, 2008: Cross-platform support is in the works! This is good news for owners of non-i386 systems.

July 29, 2008: This patch is now obsolete! Please refer to newer information.

October 10, 2008: Comments closed. Thank you, spammers.

I’ve been thinking about homebrewing a scanning tunneling microscope for a couple of years now, since finding out that it was possible. However, I did not have the engineering expertise to actually pull it off. Conceptually, the device is very simple. Basically, a sharp conductive probe is passed over a conductive sample, a voltage is established between the probe and the sample, and the tunneling current is constantly monitored. Using an STM, one can image a conductive surface down to the atomic level.

There are several challenges for the average hacker. The most daunting is that because nanotechnology is such a young field, one cannot just Google for this stuff and find usable plans for STM construction. I have found several potentially useful websites; since none of them describe workable projects with reasonable detail, I’ll be using them for ideas only. However, I intend to document this project as well as I can, for the benefit of future hackers of nanotechnology.

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