Nonlinear History

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

After another round of coding Imagine, I am finally able to announce some additional features worthy of note. In particular, the history manager is now usable. Not every tool has an associated history interface at the moment, though, and it’s being addressed.

The selection tool has been enhanced — you are now able to resize the selection by dragging its edges or vertices. Resizing only applies to rectangular selections, of course. But that’s not an issue, as an interface for selecting other shapes has not been implemented yet.

Moving on, the cropping tool builds on the new selection tool. It works exactly the same way, except double-clicking the selected area results in the unselected area being cleared. The two tools share the same selection mechanism, so it’s possible to swap the crop tool for the selection tool and vice-versa without having to reselect the area — just click the tool’s button. The crop tool works even for compound layers — for example, to execute a traditional crop where the whole canvas is cropped, just select the (root) canvas node before double-clicking.

Now that the almighty cropper is [almost] out of the way, flipping, resizing, and rotating can be implemented, after which Imagine will become a fairly complete image editor. Then, all that’s needed are a magic wand tool, color choosers, URL file access, a scalable view, SVG layers, type layers, layer masks, and, of course a community. I haven’t forgotten about the plan to embed Rhino into this thing — it’s still being brewed!

Anyhow, check out Imagine in the Projects area!

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  1. Boris says:

    Dude…sounds like awesome progress. Btw, American cheese=cheddar cheese.